That’s the ear-catching title of Tony Lauria’s excellent article on the irritating uselessness of canned scripts.  Read Tony’s entire article here.

We gave him the George Orwell Award of the Week for straight talk amid all the swirly twirly MLMspeak and praised his invention of a new word that summed it up so well!

Learning a script is a fish.  Learning an approach is a fishing pole.  We love Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret Of Success:

Find Out What Others Want And Help Them Get It.

If your main aim is to find out if your prospect has a problem, if it’s a problem you can solve, if they want to solve it, and if they want to solve it with you, you don’t need a script.  You need questioning and listening skills.

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Learn how to throw your bullscripts out the window in  “Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret of Success.”
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