Goofy MLM StoriesBack when we were buying leads and making hundreds of calls per day, we collected some of the goofy and downright stupid things people would tell us. Some days it was the only way to stay sane – have a good laugh!

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Here’s one that amazed us …


Phil’s Phone Number

We used to get irritated with telemarketers, but we now welcome the call as a recruiting opportunity.  We’ll say something like,

“Hey, Wanda, you are really good on the phone.  We’re not interested in that weekend getaway, but if you’d like to hear about how you can make some extra money using your phone skills from home, just give us a call when you’re not working.  You have our number, and we’ll be glad to tell you all about it if you’re interested.

Occasionally, someone will call us back to hear more about our opportunity or about one of our products like our weight loss system or energy drink.  In the early days, though, I’d get crabby with the caller and get into something like this:

Phil:  Hello, Mr. Bassett, this is Phil from Countywide Carpet Cleaning …
Bob:  Excuse me, Phil.  Where did you get my phone number?
Phil:  My boss gave me the phone book and you’re in it.
Bob:  Phil, can I have your home phone number?
Phil:  What for?
Bob:  Next time I have something to sell, I want to give you a call.
Phil:  Oh, okay.  It’s 519-xxx-xxxx
Bob:  Okay, thanks, Phil.  I’ll be cleaning out my basement in a couple weeks, and there might be something down there you’d like.  I’ll give you a call.
Phil:  Okay.
Bob:  Thanks again, Phil.  Bye for now.
Phil:  Okay, bye.

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