Freddy Firehoser pops up regularly on Skype.  We occasionally like to administer an IQ test just by having a chat.  Here’s a recent exchange with someone who just wasn’t listening …

Freddy Firehoser:  I got something huge brewing!
Bob:  A giant pail of beer?
FF:  better than that
Bob:  Not a cyst, I hope!
FF:  ahaha
Bob:  So when does your hugeness finish fermenting and explode?  And should we be near it or far away?
FF:  its happening now!
Bob:  Wow!  Should I be able to hear it from here?
FF:  hear it here.. this is just the raw version of our webinar …
Bob:  Do you know about Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter?
FF:  i dont.. but i have a feeling that i am about to find out
Bob:  Only if you want to …
FF:  always!!!  never, ever, turn down an opportunity to learn something new.
Bob:  Big Al says, “Find out if people have a problem they want to do something about with you.”  Here’s a link to his training …
FF:  nice … thats why i am leaving my primary … found a way to help anyone to make it
Bob:  To make what? The big brewing thing?
FF:  yeah.. this is the raw webinar. No optin …
Bob:  What was your primary and what’s the name of the new big thing brewing?
FF:  V—— and S—
Bob:  Ah … we know V—— and we’ve heard of S—
FF:  we are positioning for explosive growth!  we are just taking names right now
Bob:  Do you give them back after the explosion?
FF:  u know that great product, comp, and timing equals success..
Bob:  Do I?  Yes, I guess I do.  We call it the five pillars.  There are two other pillars necessary.
FF:  Nice
Bob:  So what happens to my name if you take it?
FF:  Mobile now
Bob:  My name becomes Mobile now?  I think I like Bob better, thanks.
fortFF:  We will be having a team hangout
Bob:  When I was a kid, we built a fort.  Will it be like that?
FF:  That’s why we need u!
Bob:  You need me?  Is that the best way to market? Start with YOUR need?
FF:  Having a seasoned marketer in the team will be a great asset
Bob:  Back to Big Al:  “Find out if someone has a problem they want to solve with you.”
FF:  Have a lot to learn from u … I really mean it
Bob:  I take that seriously.  If you are serious about learning how to approach people, just let us know …
FF:  I sure will!
Bob:  Should we set an appointment?
FF:  Out and about now… We’ll catch up later
Bob:  Up to you … we’ll be here!

Freddy Firehoser never got back to us.  Perhaps breathless enthusiasm is the same as brainless enthusiasm.  Perhaps he forgot that he never ever turned down the opportunity to learn something new.  Perhaps … oh, never mind … we’ll never ever figure out the firehosers.

And lucky for us, we don’t have to.  All we have to do is find people who are looking for more and help them find it.

If you’d like to know how Big Al finds those volunteers with no firehosing, you might want to check out Big Al Skills or join the forum for MLM professionals at Big Al Training.

PS:  Do you have a good firehoser story?  Please share it with all of us in the comment section.  Thanks!

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