Our good buddy, Randy Fried The Madman of Minnesota, sent us two items in the same day that go together perfectly!

The first is from prospect Paula who asked her upline the 10k Question, “How many active people do I need in my business to generate a residual income of $10000 per month?”

It seems like a straightforward question that could be answered with a number like 500 or 2500 or 10000, right?  Not so for this sponsor, who apparently never misses a chance to obfuscate and bloviate.  Take a deep breath and read this pontification from President Pete …


Currently you are qualifying for 3 levels of override. On ongoing sales made by your first generation you receive $6 advance commission on each sale. On sales made by anyone on your second generation you receive $.66 override every month they make a payment for the first 12 months, after that you receive 80% of the $.66 ($.52) which is not paid directly to you but goes to reduce your debit balance created by the advances you have received.  The same for sales made by your 3rd generation. These $.66’s can really add up. If you have 10 people making 10 sales a week second generation to you then you are accumulating approx 400 people a month on which you receive $.66 (10 sales x 10 people x 4 week per month)…so if nobody falls off, by the end of the year you have 4800 X $.66 = $3,168.00 coming in a month justoff overrides. Now if you have 30 people 3rd generation to you doing the same thing (or 300 sales from your 3rd generations) that adds another $9504.00 per month to your bank account.

You can qualify for more levels of override. If you have 3 people 1st generation to you who have 36 pgv (Personal Volume) in the previous month then you qualify for 4 levels of override. If you have 5 people 1st generation to you with 36 pgv you qualify for 5 levels of override. (Gary is qualifying for 5 and Ed for 4 this month.) So if you had 300 sales coming from your 4th generations and 300 sales coming from your 5th generation you would add another $19008.00 a month. That is $31,000+ a month ($380,160 per year) on overrides.

**** Look at it this way, if you have an associate averaging 2 sales a week, they are going to make you $1000 a year in overrides. 4 sales a week $2000 a year…10 sales as week, $5000 a year 20…$10,000. ******

So help your people get going so they can get 36 pgv a month…and help them get people under them so they can start getting overrides. You can even give some of your new good start-ups some of your new recruits to help them get going once you get your 5 1st generations with 36 pgv…because if they are within your first 5 generations every time they make a sale you still get paid and the person you put them under also. Spend the majority of your time with the people who are making you money. The first goal is to get them to 36 pgv.

Now how do you get 36 pgv.

You get 6 each month for just having a membership of $9.95 or greater.
You get 1 for each sales you make during the month.
You get 1 for each new recruit who makes their first sales during the month.
You get 1 on the annual renewal date of any sale you have made that still
has an active membership.

I appreciate your work…

OKAY guys, if this doesn’t light a fire under your a$$ to work even harder then I dont know what else to say — building your team is what this is all about — 3 months from now you guys can all be rich get motivated and start making those sales one at a time and building your team!


Whew!  If you got through that, you’ll be ready for Ma and Pa Kettle to explain why 5 x 14 = 25!

Ma and Pa didn’t draw the sticks and circles, but they managed to confuse us just as much as any MLM Comp Plan presenter.

Now that you’re thoroughly confused, if you’d like to learn how to sort through the mumbo jumbo and find out which compensation plan is best for you and how hard you and your team will have to work, just download and read this free report, Big MLM Lies.

Bob and Anna Bassett

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