Goofy MLM StoriesBack when we were buying leads and making hundreds of calls per day, we collected some of the goofy and downright stupid things people would tell us. Some days it was the only way to stay sane – have a good laugh!

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Sometimes the nonsense comes from within your own team …

Blamie Mamie Quits

We named our whiniest complaining distributor “Blamie Mamie” because nothing was ever her fault.  Her upline was underhanded and rude and unreasonable, the company never got anything right and shipped the wrong things late, her downline never did anything, her landlord was a jerk, her husband and kids gave her nothing but trouble, every level of government was out to get her, and on it went day after day after day.  Her favorite expression, delivered with a melodramatic sigh, was “Just another day in the life of me!”

When she called, and I (Bob) made the mistake of answering the phone, I’d do one of two things:

I’d say hello and tell her that she had thirty seconds to whine and kvetch.  I’d put the phone down and at the end of the thirty seconds, I’d pick it back up again, ring a bell, and say, “Hi, Mamie!  What progress are we working on today?”

If she continued to complain, I’d say, “I’m sorry, Mamie, but you’ve reached the Commissions Department.  I think you want to speak to someone in Commiseration.  Please hold … “

Then I’d hand the phone to Anna who listens a lot better than I do.  It must be a Yellow/Green thing.

Mamie finally left us when she got completely fed up with the company.  She had gone inactive for not making any sales or purchases for many months, despite regular warnings from the company of her approaching deadline.  When she discovered that she had lost her active standing and her downline of one, she went ballistic.  She tendered her resignation and called to leave us with this last stunning bit of logic:

I know my last company was crap, but at least with them, I always KNEW I wasn’t going to make any money.  With this company, you can never tell.  And you never know when they’re going to steal your downline.  I’ve had it!  I’m outta here!  Thanks a lot!

If you want to learn how to build your team and develop leaders more effectively, you might want to learn from the best, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.  A good place to start is his collection of five ebooks which includes How To Develop Leaders For Fun and Profit. We’re going to read it again and give Mamie a call …

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