ceochimpWe all like to think of ourselves as productive and efficient entrepreneurs who plan each day perfectly and get everything on our list done for maximum results and peak performance.

Right …

Now back to the real world with a poem that lists many of the things that we let happen between ‘plan’ and ‘do’.  It’s way way way way way too long, and if halfway through you feel like screaming … mission accomplished!  Its main aim is to embarrass us off our butts, cajole us off the couch, and irritate us into action.  It’s best read aloud with your team so you can all mock each other and yourselves at the appropriate moments.

If you’d like to listen to the poem while you read it …
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Getting Ready to Get Ready To Get Ready

A Poem For Procrastinators

Doggerel to Delay By
Bad Verse for the Action Averse
Avoiding Success Through Excessive Philosophy
Planning Your Way To Poverty
I’m Broke But My Desk Is Tidy
Get On With The Poem Please!
© Bob and Anna Bassett 2008

penguin dancing aloneI am so excited about getting ready
To make my residual income steady.
An extra check is going to be great.
I can hardly wait to get out of the gate!

I can’t believe how good this looks …
I just have to read a few more books
And then I’ll be keen to get revved up
To fill up the rest of my half full cup.

I’m prepared to give my business wings
And turn my dreams and thoughts into things …
Just as soon as I tidy my files,
Answer some emails and get rid of these piles
On my messy desk and around the floor,
And then I plan to get out the door

And talk to some people about this great deal
And tell them how good I’m preparing to feel
About myself and my new success …
As soon as I figure out how to dress
And what to wear to the business meeting
For a good impression on the people I’m greeting.

I’m so keen to start preparing
To get fired up, I’m really raring
To really get going … as soon as I know
A little bit more and then I’ll go
Get some motivation to start my career
And a couple more reasons to get into gear.

I’m in the right place and at the right time
I’m looking for higher mountains to climb …
Right after I polish my climbing boots
And make a decision about the best routes
To take me winning to the top.
Once I get going, I’ll never stop.

I just have to get going and get on my way.
I’m getting ready to no longer delay.
Down with postponing and procrastination!
I’m all set for some motivation!

cat sleeping on pile of papersI’ll just get a little more education,
Take some quiet time for contemplation,
And then do a pushup for some muscle tone
So I can lift that half ton phone
And make some calls to a bunch of folk
Who don’t want to spend their lives being broke.

But it might be too early or it might be too late …
Gosh … I don’t know … maybe I’ll wait …
And call at a better time of day …
I’ll send them an email to make sure it’s okay
And set an appointment for much later on
And with any luck they’ll all be gone
Out to dinner or clubs or their J-O-B’s
And I won’t have to face the Whatswrongwithme’s
When they hang up the phone or holler and scream
That I’m just another damn pyramid scheme.

But I have to stay focused with positive thinking,
Not self sabotage or lapse into sinking
So low that I can’t get myself back on track.
Gotta think of abundance and not about lack.
I’ve got my self talk and my affirmations,
My sense of purpose and my declarations.
I’ve finely tuned my subconscious mind
To rise far above the daily grind.

I have faith in my products and faith in myself …
And as soon as I rearrange the books on my shelf
My belief will be levelled with a burning desire
To face the dreamstealers and step into the fire
Of failure and setbacks and negative poop …
Just as soon as I talk to my mastermind group.

dog and cat in schoolHey!  An epiphany!  A clear revelation!
I just need more training and more education!
(I’ll listen some more to Tom Big Al Schreiter
That’s guaranteed to make me a lot brighter!)
I’ll get psyched up with books and with tapes and CD’s.
I’ll dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s
Make up a few pamphlets and print a few flyers
To hand out to prospects and potential buyers.

I’ve read about the secret law of attraction
And how it can spur me to take some action.
The Universe is poised to bring me the best
As soon as I learn how to manifest
The things that I want – no more wishing and hoping!
I’m braced to be fixin’ to stop all this moping
And moaning instead of drafting a plan.
I’ll get out there right now, be the best that I can.

No more excuses – this time this is it!
Sometimes I wonder why my sponsor quit …
But I won’t let that stop me, I’m revitalized
To get all my prospects alphabetized!
I’ll make up a spreadsheet and maybe a chart
Some lines on a graph will be a good start.
I’ll draw up a schedule and make up a list
And check on some chores that I might have missed.
No time to sit and wonder and ponder –
I have to set up my autoresponder!

The Slight Edge tells me to Plan – Do – Review
And the most important part is the “DO”
For without it, there’s nothing to plan or review …
So I’ll review my plan and plan my review.
I’ll focus my talents and sharpen my skills.
I’m ready for obstacles – valleys and hills.
I’ve seen the light and I’ve crossed the line
To the brighter side and I’m feeling fine.
Who needs the support of a husband or wife?!
This is the first day of the rest of my life!

penguin off the edgeThe longest journey starts with a single step
I’ll leap and I’ll fly – I won’t trudge, I won’t schlepp
A load of baggage or a burden of guilt
Over mistakes that I’ve made or milk that I’ve spilt.
I’ll draw myself the very best map …
Just as soon as I get rid of all this crap
On my desktop … let’s see … I’ll put it all in one folder
And get started tomorrow when I feel a bit bolder.

This is wearing me out – I think I might take
The night off to give me a much needed break
Just kick back and watch a little TV
And do some things only and specially for me.
I’ll relax with my hobbies and some recreation
And plan my next six month vacation
And with that goal in mind and a definite aim
In no time at all I’ll be back in the game.
And once I’ve got all my ducks in a row
I’ll be building my downline and helping them grow.

My mentors have told me (they said it for fun)
That when all’s said and done, there’ll be more said than done
But I’ve got the slight edge and enough motivation
To fill out my daily method of operation,

monkeys on telephonesAnd as soon as I’m prepared to my satisfaction
I’ll be more than ready to spring into action.
And then I’ll be rich – I’ll be having a ball …
Right after I listen to this conference call …


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Bob and Anna Bassett

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