Jane was serious about starting a home based business.  She had worked hard all her life but now found herself on a fixed income with occasional part time jobs at mininum wage.  She wanted more for herself than a just-over-broke retirement, babysitting grandkids and working here and there to make someone else rich.

Her determination and outgoing personality were perfect for a home based business, a career in network marketing.

She was happy with the products she’d be using and promoting, the company seemed solid to her, the compensation sounded fair, and she said she liked and trusted us.  All systems go!

Then came Jane’s first objection.

Here’s a tip – objections are not always objections.  When you hear one, rephrase it in your mind to a question.  That will allow you to answer a question rather than defend against an objection or accusation or anything that sounds like a challenge to you.  Answering questions will allow you to have a much calmer and more sensible discussion.

And remember “Feel, Felt, Found.”  It’s an old technique that still works perfectly today.  “We know how you feel.  We felt the same way, but here’s what we found … “

And here is Jane’s objection …

But I hate sales!

We could have argued that it’s not a sales business, it’s a people helping people business, recommending and promoting, sharing and sampling, quack quack quack.  All that does is avoid the fact that we ARE in a sales business.  That’s how we make money.

Rather that say it’s not sales, it’s much better to change our attitude toward sales, and here’s how we answered.  “I know what you mean, and we felt the same way too!  It’s probably because when we think of sales, we all think of the sleazy used car salesman or the cheesy late night infomercials.  But then we read The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne and listened to Michael Oliver and Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.  Here’s what they say … “

Find out what people want and help them get it.  Harry Browne

Do they have a problem?  Can you solve it?  Do they want to solve it?  Do they want to solve it with you?  Michael Oliver

Find out if they want to do something about it, and just work with the volunteers.  Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter

“Once we realized that we are helping people solve problems, we felt proud of being in sales!”

Jane agreed immediately, felt relieved, and moved on to the serious question of how to get started.

The first MLM skills training we’ll ask Jane to listen to will be a powerful tool to help her decide if people want to do something about it.  She’ll know if she is talking to a volunteer after she has heard Big Al’s “Needs vs Wants.”

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