inyourfacebookYou don’t have to spend more than a few minutes on InYourFacebook or LinkedIn to hear drivel and dreck and outright moronic things that turn everyone off and ensure that no one will ever do business with you.

Here are some stupid phrases that you should NEVER use anywhere.  Ever.  This is a list we made in just seven days of collecting bull from the barrage by frenzied firehosers:

  1. No competition!
  2. The Only Networking Company In The World Conquering New $100 Billion Dollar Market!
  3. People are already making $15,000.00 a month.
  4. Major heads up!  You probably have never even heard about this before (its that GOOD).
  5. It’s a new website that’s already got over 5,000 people making $70 Every 60 Seconds!  How does making $70 EVERY 60 Seconds sound to you?
  6. Watch THIS!!!!
  7. After you go to the link above, you will be able to tap into something that is FREE until Tomorrow.  Just make sure you visit and grandfather yourself in before tomorrow.  Don’t miss out.
  8. THE FEEDING FRENZY OF 2013!  Call me today and see what the frenzy is all about.
  9. We can’t sleep at night!  Will you start losing sleep over it like we were?
  10. It was like a major slap upside the head. So we decided to “slap” a few other people.
  11. This is red hot, a hands down winner.
  12. End of the Line for Home Business as Usual!??
  13. Joining this opportunity is a no brainer.
  14. Fat Cats, you can either join this thing now with your organization or later under it!
  15. The fact is, it’s not even an option for anyone to just blow this off. That would be financial suicide.
  16. Almost every major corporation in the world is already involved with this company.
  17. GoldMineTrolleyIf you can’t beat ’em you better join ’em, or suffer the consequences.  We urge you not to ignore any of this.  That would most certainly injure you financially.  Join this company or you are finished.
  18. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Don’t miss out on this goldmine.
  19. The most spectacular opportunity you have ever seen and … The Big Money!
  20. A stunning turn of events – the first time in modern history.
  21. Only a limited number of business partners will be allowed to enter the ground floor phase of this opportunity.
  22. This thing is so far off in a class by itself that we’re not even sure what to call it!
  23. This exotic European giant is forever going to change the face of this industry.
  24. Risk free URGENT Game Changer!
  25. Opportunity of a lifetime for those who join, and a home business death knell for those who don’t.
  26. Timming is important for the new zeek which beeb offshore. [wha?]
  27. Of course it is legitimate.
  28. It is free in the prelunch [sic] time, of course it isn’t good if the offer still free for ever!
  29. It’s free to sign up Free to sign up others.  You can earn without refer others.
  30. It’s offshore registered company so secure from unfair shut down issues.
  31. You can earn without a downline by giving away free samples.
  32. This new program is spreading online very quickly that the co-founder is already planning to put the limit on the number of founding members.
  33. Better hurry up before they shut it down.
  34. 200% commissions!
  35. Automated Success!  The team does the work & you get paid.
  36. Make around $98,437.48 a month & $1,181,249,78.00 (that’s well over $1M) a year!
  37. As seen on ABC, CNN and CBS NEWS!  Endorsed by Oprah and Dr. Oz!
  38. No More Selling, No More Prospecting, No More Phone Calls, No More Meetings, No More Parties, No Experience Needed, No More Autoships, No More Rejection, No More EMPTY Bank Accounts!
  39. 15000 joined in the first 48 hours.  If the link don’t work today it is because they are migrating to a larger server.
  40. Voted #1 Marketing System in 2012.
  41. typewriter cardSimply process 10 emails per day and earn $150 per day.
  42. Why does Everyone absolutely Love This.
  43. We are capitalizing on the shape of the economy.  Low low price point!
  44. World’s Most Powerful PENNY MATRIX Included!
  45. Explode your income!
  46. This will blow every other program away!
  47. Ground Level Opportunity!
  49. A free no fee club whose purpose is to provide total global freedom in every way you could possibly define the word freedom to all human beings.
  50. Now I know you’ve been anxiously waiting to get on one of my private webinars, where I reveal all of my ninja methods and strategies.  With that said, I am about to unveil my hidden Money Effect that has caused me to have so much duplication in my teams and made me the top recruiter in my primary the last 2 months, along with having unheard of conversions in all my offers.  I’ve cracked the code.
  51. The big dogs from all of the major companies such as Amway, and many more of the MLM companies out there are moving to us like a stampede of bulls because they know this is the one and ONLY big thing right now.
  52. I found a way to “get even” with the financial market!
  53. I’m going to show you how to use the law of ‘Scarcity’ to become great in your business.
  54. An Error In The Internet Has Been Found So Monopolize On It To Make Money.
  55. CASH. And FAST.  Who doesn’t want to earn an extra $500-1000 whenever they feel like it?
  56. This dude is just crazy, he will teach you how you can make up to $87 every minute! No string attached and zero risk for you! and the best fact, its 100% free.  Check it out before it runs out!
  57. This revolutionary program is an overlay of all others, removing all the traditional stall points for new distributors.  It’s a pure model marketing initiative, a trifecta plan for the person of today.  This undergirding layered approach will be a historic build despite low engagement levels – guaranteed no risk with a multifaceted income lead, product lead campaign.  [huh?]

Have you read or heard any good ones lately?  Please add them in the comment section below.  Thanks!

That’s a good list of what NOT to say.  If you’d like to learn WHAT to say, you might want to learn some ice breakers and opening sentences that put your prospects at ease and don’t make you look foolish or desperate. 

Big Al is a master at rejection free prospecting, and you can learn all the skills he teaches in The Big Al Complete Library.  For a free list of 25 Essential Skills for Networkers, visit Big Al Skills.

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