We are constantly amazed at how little people care about how hard they will have to work to reach their financial goals in MLM.

We have collected a few hundred answers to the The 10k Question ranging from a low of about 400 to a ridiculous high of 28000.

How many active people do I need in my business to generate a residual income of $10,000 per month?

We regularly offer to help people figure out their 10k answer, but most people ignore the offer and decide to bash on in low paying companies.

Even when we work through the numbers with people, they often just thank us and carry on with the poor pay plan they have chosen.

We built the 10k calculator a couple of years ago, and to date, only five people have shown any interest in it.

We were so amazed that we wrote an article based on a Big Al quote … People Hate Change.

All this goes to show us that people may join MLM’s to make money, but they soon lose sight of their original intent and proceed to make silly decisions based on no numbers and no logic.

That means that our spreadsheets and projections and predictions will be amusing and informative to us, but will have absolutely no use in helping us build our businesses.

Three percent on the seventeenth level past infinity will mean as little as the millions of magic molecules in a milligram of our miracle muck.

People just don’t care about facts because it’s not about THEM, facts are boring, and more importantly …

People do not make decisions based on facts!

So every minute we spend making spreadsheets or ingredient lists is a minute we could spend talking to people in a way that appeals to their subconscious as Big Al teaches.

Also remember that what we do should be duplicatable in our downlines. If we approach prospects with intricate calculations, they will think, “I could never do this!”

And they will not join us.

On the other hand if we teach that all they have to do is say the right things to people, take the volunteers and work with the willing, they are far more likely to join us.

Wouldn’t you prefer to abandon all the wrong things and learn the right things to say?  Wouldn’t your downline prefer to have you teach them the right things to say to people?

If you want to save a lot of time and money and avoid a lot of frustration and heartache, why not learn the skills you need for MLM success?

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter is a legend in the MLM industry for his simple skills training that enable you to get started immediately on the right path to success in network marketing.  You’ll want to check out RecruitingToolsThatWork.com or BigAlSkills.com.

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