Duplicatable systems are useless if you don’t have all three parts:

  • Proven results
  • Desire to duplicate
  • Practice, practice, practice

Before choosing a system, make sure it leads to the result you want.  A good wrench is useless if you are trying to hammer a nail.  Make sure that others have hammered the same nail you are working on.  Ask for proof!

Ask yourself if you truly want to achieve that goal.  If you really have the desire, it will show clearly in how hard you work at it.  Your goal is in your head.  Your success is in your hands.

Talk is cheap.  Not tightening a bolt is exactly the same as not hammering a nail.  Standing in a garage does not make you a car.  When all’s said and done, there’ll be more said than done.

It’s been shown that to become an accomplished athlete or musician, you must put in around 10000 hours of practice.  That translates to many hours a day.  If you say you want to become financially free working just one hour per week on your business, you have some rethinking to do.  You’re going to have to lower your expectations or raise your effort.

And don’t forget to have fun!  Here are Lulu and The Lampshades singing “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone”, followed by a cover by Anna Burden and an update by Anna Kendrick.  Anna saw the result, she wanted the result, and guess what came next! Practice, practice, practice …

And here’s an amazing update by Anna Kendrick!  Wouldn’t you love to have a team like this restaurant crowd duplicating in your downline? 

If you want success, have the desire, and are ready to practice, here’s a duplicatable system for your MLM business.

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