Thanks to Eileen Silva for this idea to help keep people choose a goal, and give them hope to keep at it …

Ask your new partner how much money they would like to be making and when.  Eileen gives an example of someone who wants to make $100000 per month after a year (!), but you can adapt this to any amount and any time frame.  Here are her instructions …

  • Write the amount you want to earn per month at the bottom of a piece of paper.
  • Divide the page like a calendar, and number the months from 1 to 12.
  • Work backwards from your target, putting half the amount in each previous square.
  • If your target is the same as Eileen’s, your month 12 will show $50000, month 11 $25000, then $12500, $6250, $3125, $1562.50, $781.25, $390.63, $195.31, $97.66, $48.83, and finally $24.41 in month 1!
  • If your target is more down to Earth, like $5000 per month, your numbers will run 2500, 1250, 625, 312.50, 156.25, 78.13,  39.06, 19.53, 9.77, 4.88, 2.44, and finally $1.22 in month 1!

We all know that this perfect doubling never happens in real life, but it’s a great way to show someone the power of The Slight Edge.

The surprising thing is how little one has to make in the early stages of a network marketing career.  As Eileen says, if you can show someone how to make just $171 in their first quarter and show them this chart, they will realize that they are well on their way to earning a huge income, and will never quit the business!

If their goal is $5000 per month, earning under $10 in their first quarter can mean that they are on their way, as long as they aim to keep doubling their check.

We got this tip because we are members of Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s Fortune Now.  If you’d like to be part of this group of MLM Professionals and receive two top audios every month, join here.

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