If you want to speak the secret language of your prospects, you’ll need to learn their ‘colors’!

Mentoring For Free Logo SidebarThe concept of the four personality types has been around for a long time with several different sets of names.  You may know them as Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic, and Sanguine, or as Sharks, Owls, Teddy Bears and Chimps!

Michael Dlouhy calls them Reds, Greens, Yellows, and Blues.

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Beginning October 24 2008, Michael will take the colors on the road in a series of skills training sessions in forty one cities in United States and Canada!  He will make the second leg of the tour in early 2009.

Here is our invitation …

Do You Want to Speak The Secret Language of Prospects?

Hello Fellow Networker

Do you want to learn the secret language of prospects that INSTANTLY goes to their minds and hearts, so you can say just a few sentences and your prospects will lean forward?

Have you ever talked to a prospect who just didn’t get it?

What if you could talk directly to the prospect with the right words so s/he instantly understands your opportunity?

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

But consider this, by changing just a few words, a few sentences into the secret language that your prospects understand, everything will change in your business.

And the change will be spectacular!

Start learning now!  Download and read Chapter Five (The Colors of Personalities) of the free ebook Success in Ten Steps.

Then, come to a live workshop with Michael Dlouhy …Michael Dlouhy

  • Thirty years experience in network marketing
  • Sixteen years full time income in MLM
  • Founder of Mentoring For Free
  • Author of Success in Ten Steps
  • Author of Powerful Networking Secrets
  • Author of The 35 Biggest Mistakes Everyone in MLM Is Making and How To Avoid Them
  • Guest author in It’s Time For Network Marketing by John Milton Fogg
  • Guest author in Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

At this workshop you will learn …

  • Exactly what to say to prospects in their own language
  • How to turn skeptics into business partners
  • How to identify four personality types and what they want to hear
  • How to make prospects feel understood and connected
  • How to become a successful prospector with these new skills
  • How to improve communication among co-workers
  • How to understand even your own family members!
  • How to increase your income by knowing how others think

Seating at these workshops will be limited, so be sure to reserve a spot now.
(Schedule is below – check for a city near you.)

Email us at bobandanna@togethertothetop.com
Skype bobbassett

BONUS 1: If you download the FREE ebook Success in Ten Steps, you can attend the workshop as our guest FREE!

***   Please register your attendance at www.freedomtour0809.com ***

BONUS 2: When you attend the workshop, we will give you a FREE paperback copy of Success in Ten Steps which you can have autographed by the author, Michael Dlouhy!

BONUS 3: You can bring as many of your team members as you like for FREE.  Just let us know the numbers and please also have each person register at www.freedomtour0809.com
Please contact us with your list of team members.

We look forward to talking to you, and having you as our guest at one of these excellent skills sessions with Michael and some surprise speakers!

Click here to see photos of the Colors Tour in Toronto!

Together to the Top!
Bob and Anna Bassett
Skype bobbassett

Colors Tour Schedule:

Oct 24 – Jacksonville FL
Oct 25 – Greenville SC
Oct 26 – Charlotte NC
Oct 27 – Roanoke VA
Oct 28 – Baltimore MD
Oct 29 – Harrisburg PA
Oct 30 – Philadelphia PA
Nov 01 – Ridgewood NJ
Nov 02 – New York NY
Nov 03 – Marlborough MA
Nov 05 – Manchester NH
Nov 07 – Moncton NB
Nov 08 – Montreal QC
Nov 09 – Toronto ON
Nov 12 – Cleveland OH
Nov 13 – Detroit MI
Nov 14 – Chicago IL
Nov 15 – Milwaukee WI
Nov 16 – Indianapolis IN
Nov 17 – Elizabethtown KY
Nov 18 – Nashville TN
Nov 19 – Memphis TN
Nov 20 – Little Rock AR
Nov 21 – Kansas City MO
Nov 22 – Minneapolis MN
Nov 23 – Fargo ND
Nov 24 – Winnipeg MB
Nov 25 – Sioux Falls SD
Dec 01 – Omaha NE
Dec 02 – Boulder CO
Dec 03 – Denver CO
Dec 04 – Tulsa OK
Dec 05 – Dallas TX
Dec 06 – Austin TX
Dec 07 – San Antonio TX
Dec 08 – Houston TX
Dec 10 – Tallahassee FL
Dec 11 – Tampa FL
Dec 12 – St. Petersburg FL
Dec 13 – Fort Myers FL
Dec 14 – Fort Lauderdale FL

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