The cruel truth about any entrepreneurial venture is that if you don’t have the skills, you don’t earn the check.

Another cruel truth is that if the skills are available and you have not learned them, you are not yet ready and you don’t deserve success.


To find out if you are ready and deserving, take Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s MLM Skills test below.  Print it and take some time with your answers.

If you pass with flying colors, you are probably already successful, and passing that success on to your downline.  Congratulations!

If you hesitated at all or left any blanks in the quiz, you’ve got some skills to learn!  Tom will tell you how at the end of the test …

Big Al’s Skills Test

Your new distributor wants to build his business. So he turns to you, his sponsor, and asks you to tell him exactly what to say and exactly what to do to build his business. If you can’t answer these simple skills questions for your distributor, who else will help him?

1.   What are the two sentences you should say to get almost 100% of the prospects that you talk to say: “Give me a presentation!”

Sentence #1:
Sentence #2:

2.   Most prospects join because of three reasons. Our job is to understand these three reasons so that our presentations will be exactly what the prospects want. List the three reasons that prospects use to make their decision:

Reason #1:
Reason #2:
Reason #3:

3.   You have finished your small talk. You have talked about the weather, work, gossip, and television. You have asked your prospect lots of questions. But now, it is time to introduce your business opportunity to your prospect. Write down the exact sentence you will use to introduce the business opportunity to the prospect. In fact, write down three different first sentences so that you will have options:

Opening sentence #1:
Opening sentence #2:
Opening sentence #3:

4.   You want to close your prospect, but you want to avoid rejection and high pressure. List three different closing sentences that are rejection-free and won’t embarrass the prospect:

Closing sentence #1:
Closing sentence #2:
Closing sentence #3:

5.   You want to ask the prospect for referrals, but the prospect fears that you will high-pressure his friends. What sentence you can use that will relieve the prospect’s fears?


6.   Why should every new distributor know the “Needs vs. Wants” principle immediately after joining?


7.   To create a “Word Picture” in the prospect’s mind, what nine-word prefix instantly turns on their internal movie projector?


8.   What are the four words you should say to instantly grab any prospect’s attention so that you can tell them about the benefits of your product or program?


9.   Your prospect is in a hurry and doesn’t want to invest a lot of time with a long presentation or PowerPoint explanation. So, describe your business in one sentence so that the prospect completely understands what kind of business you are in.

My sentence is:

10. You want to get rid of the pyramid objection, and get the prospect to lean forward, showing interest in your business. What first sentence could you use in your presentation to accomplish this?

My sentence is:

This little ten-question test just touches on some of the necessary skills that you would want to build your network fast.  There are many, many more skills and you should take the time to learn the skills. If you don’t learn the skills, well, here is what happens …

You become frustrated, blame others, blame the company, have people continually dropping out, have trouble getting prospects to meetings, spend your whole week looking for prospects instead of spending the whole week giving presentations, become discouraged because your distributors are not progressing into leaders, have no new people joining your organization, etc.

Yes, it’s ugly.

If you wanted to learn how to drive a car, you would learn the skills. It’s the same in network marketing.

While a good networker would know the answer to most of these basic questions, here are a few short tips or answers to just these ten questions. Remember, there are many, many more skills – so take the time to go to your company trainings, your upline’s trainings, listen to Big Al CDs, and learn at least the basic skills of our profession.

If you didn’t know the answers to these most basic questions, will you know the answers that your new distributors will need to build their business?

Invest the time and energy to learn how to do network marketing.

Most people sign an application and hope to get lucky. That’s a bad bet.

You don’t become a doctor by filling out an application and purchasing a kit. You take some time to learn the skills.

And if your network marketing business isn’t where you want it to be, stop guessing. Just learn the skills of exactly what to say and exactly what to do.

Here are my recommendations:

1.   Ask your sponsor for the skills. If he doesn’t have the answers, go further upline.
2.   Attend all the company trainings you can.
3.   Listen to Big Al CDs where I explain the different skills and what to say and what to do. Go to
4.   Attend a “live” Big Al workshop, a public speaking course, or prospecting training.

If you don’t know what to say, and if you don’t know what to do, how can you expect your business to grow?

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter
(edited by Bob and Anna Bassett)

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