In your networking career, you will occasionally be tempted to make an additional stream of income from the tools you are using, like autoresponders, expensive training, conferencing, websites, contact managers, lead systems, etc.

There are several very good reasons to avoid the temptation …

1.  It distracts you and splits your efforts.

In our first company, we made the foolish mistake of buying leads from the PPP leads company to the tune of $600 per month for 1500 useless names.  We could earn $200 per month for everyone we could find and sign up at the same level.  Free for Three!  We could also make a profit for more than three referrals and some ‘residual’ income if we built a downline.

Because our primary business was not bringing us the money we wanted, we decided that one of us would work our XXX business and the other would work our PPP leads business.

Result:  A division of effort and yet another reduction in income.

2.  You irritate your colleagues.

When we attended an XXX event, instead of relaxing and enjoying the training and meeting like minded business partners, we were constantly circling, handing out flyers and pestering others to join us in the leads business.

3.  Your ethics are questioned as a cross-recruiter.

The temptation is to approach anyone and everyone in your main business first because those are the people you know.  Then you go out and pester people in other businesses, irritating them and their uplines.

This business is built on relationships of trust.  Working two businesses and making money from tools is a surefire way of destroying that trust.

4.  Your credibility suffers in your company.

Within your company, you can never become a true leader, as your downline and sideline will wonder why you are promoting another business.  They will doubt you as a leader, and they will doubt the company if they see you as earning so little that you have to promote an affiliate program.   Your company will suffer and so will you.  Losers all round.

5.  Your credibility suffers in the industry.

Other industry leaders will see you promoting something other than your company, which will reinforce their suspicions that your company is not paying you enough.  That will tell them either that your company is floundering or you do not know how to build it.  Most likely it will tell them both – bad for you and bad for your company.

6.  Your credibility suffers in the public.

When your prospect sees you working two or more businesses, s/he wonders why one is not enough and whether your system is duplicatable. There is immediate doubt cast upon both or all three or four or five of your ventures.

And there is immediate doubt about you as a leader.  A leader must have one clear vision and one clear message to all.

7. You may never become a true leader.

If you do not have one clear message to one and all, no one will follow you anywhere.

Just imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. had said, “I have several dreams.  You can choose the one that best fits your budget.”

Or if Muhammed Ali had said, “I am the greatest at a bunch of things!  I just haven’t decided which is the best so far.  I’ll get back to you.  Do you have a business card?”

Or if Mahatma Ghandi had said, “Non-violence is the true path unless you encounter a situation in which violence is the better way, in which case violence is the true path and I’ll leave it all up to you …”

Or if Einstein had said, “E equals mc squared, unless you’d rather not think about all the implications.  I can change my calculations to fit your situation if you like.  Reality is more flexible than most people think … “

Or if Patrick Henry had said, “Give me Liberty or give me death or maybe a large thin crust with extra pepperoni and double cheese or maybe just a long prison term or maybe … oh … I don’t know … you decide for me, okay?”

Or if … well, we hope you get the idea by now.

If you do not have a clear vision and one clear message to all, you may be seen as just another MLM opp-hopper.

8.  You will rob your downline of richness and growth.

Your team should be free to venture out and try things that may or may not work.  They should be encouraged to report back to the team with their successes or failures.  A negative report is just as valuable as a positive report.

If you insist that your team uses only the tools that YOU have discovered, you hinder them from exploring other methods, and your team becomes only as successful as you have become.  You want your team to surpass you!

Encourage your downline to explore as many avenues as they can until they find a niche, and a building method that suits them.

Encourage them to report back and share their results.

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All will benefit and all will become stronger.

9.  Summary

Do not attempt to make money from tools.
Concentrate on your primary business.
Build your relationships and build your credibility.

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Bob and Anna Bassett
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