When choosing a company to work with, you have to make sure that certain things are in place.  Please read our article The Five Pillars, or listen to How We Joined A No Pillar Company.

Business In Motion is a perfect example of a Zero Pillar company.

1.  Company Management Experience With Integrity

Alan Neil Kippax has an amazing history of lack of integrity, opportunism, involvement in a series of shady companies, drugs and weapons charges, traffic violations, and most recently, convictions for dangerous driving causing bodily harm and death.

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Like many others, we joined Alan through desperation, looking for a way to get ourselves out of debt.  We managed to rationalize our gut feelings about the man, and somehow ignored everything that we were told about Treasure Traders International (TTI), BIM’s predecessor.  We worked hard at something we believed in for over a year, developing a downline of 1000 people, many of whom were long time personal friends.

When TTI was forced to close in the UK as an illegal pyramid in October 2005, it all came crashing down for us.  We shut down operations immediately, and did our best to warn others.  That was our first and perhaps biggest lesson in how gleefully people will kill the messenger.  To this day, you can still see this behavior among the Kippophiles, the Bimbonians, and Believians who have not managed to extricate themselves from Alan’s strange and powerful hold on them.

Listen to the BIM ‘On Hold’ Conference Call to hear mind control at work.

In February of 2006, Alan did not close or dissolve TTI.  He simply closed the doors, walked across the street and opened up a copycat company called Business in Motion and installed himself at the top of each new pyramid.

In the process, he left thousands out of pocket, destroyed TTI downlines, blamed lying cheating thieving lame and lazy distributors, and opened a period of lawlessness never before seen in MLM history.  Alan released many copies of  the confidential TTI distributor list to anyone who would take it.  Hundreds of ex-TTI reps frantically tried to recruit each other, thrashing like piranha, with no regard for previous affiliation.  We received recruiting calls from people formerly eight or ten levels down on our team, and from people crossline to us, most of whom were complete strangers.  We tried to warn each caller, and in the process became known as traitors and Satan’s Handmaidens, more recently as “The Other Devils” and “Sadists.”

You have to wonder about the ethics of a man who, while seniors, farmers, immigrants, and Mennonites were losing their savings, would use distributor money to lease a fleet of luxury automobiles that included a Porsche, a Mercedes Benz SL55, a Cadillac, a Hummer, a Lotus, a historic Mustang, and even a DeLorean!

You have to wonder about the ethics of a man who would use distributor money to buy a bus and wrap it completely with the garish slogan “I Can’t Believe It’s True!”  Distributors referred to the cross country vehicle as “The Rum-Mobile” for the flavor of the Cokes regularly and copiously consumed within.

You have to wonder about the ego and the tenuous grip on reality of a man who would buy a title “The Baron Of Tranent”, don a goofy oversized top hat and white gloves and matching electric blue vest and bow tie, hold a gala in his own honor complete with pipers in kilts, and then proudly boast that with diplomatic immunity, the authorities could not touch him now, even in the Rum-Mobile which he claimed as sovereign territory, exempt from Canadian Law and beyond police pesterment, ready to defend against trespassers or any impudent local constabulary.

Company management is not just the CEO, or Global Sales Director, or whatever title Alan is bestowing upon himself this week.  His most recent toadie, business partner and front man on the stand is Colin Fox, recently convicted on tax charges.

Colin, with a straight face and a Bible nearby, has claimed that Alan actually works for him, which makes us wonder, if Alan is just an employee, and Colin is the brains behind the operation, why BIM has to close down while Alan takes his enforced vacation.  Why not just replace him?

2.  Timing In The Industry/Company

This question is not relevant for an illegal pyramid scheme.  There will always be desperate people looking for an easy way out of their difficulties, so the timing is always perfect for a scam as long as they change their name or move on to a new city.  This is the reason for Alan’s purchase of the bus.  He would wear out his welcome in one city, run out of rubes, and then be driven in the Rum-Mobile to the next collection of convincables.

We did notice, however, an irreversible trend in the attendance at our meetings in Owen Sound.  We had standing room only meetings in a restaurant in November and December of 2004.  Based on our success, TTI Corporate encouraged us to open a storefront called a ‘fleetport’ in February 2005.  Despite all our efforts, all our hospitality, all our decorating, all our sound and light equipment, all our catering, all our advertising, all our encouragement, all our invited speakers and trainers, all our training,  attendance dropped steadily to zero by November 2005.  This led us later to realize that illegal schemes have a time limit of about six months, and we managed to keep this one going for close to a year.  A strange and misdirected use of our networking talents for which we have apologized many times.

(Note:  The Mercedes SL55 pictured here is the vehicle that Alan was driving the night that his cousin Peter was killed.)

3.  Remarkable Product

Industry Canada and the US Attorneys General will ask, “Would a logical, clear thinking person buy this product or these services at this price if there were not a business opportunity attached?”‘

Consider the desperate string of products that Alan has conjured up to disguise the real nature of his business – emeralds, rubies, sapphires, travel, cheesy online trade deals, disappearing fur coats, magic magnetic wands, fuel pills, water purifiers, pool tables, and any worthless junk that comes to hand to distract attention from what’s actually happening to your money.

The answer is clearly “NO!  I would not buy this stuff if I didn’t think I was going to make some money doing it.”

One astute top recruiter once said to us, “Things would move a lot smoother if Alan just threw those damn little green buttons in the river!”  He understood the scam perfectly and was at least honest enough in this regard to admit that the emeralds were completely irrelevant to the Ponzi money swap.

And that’s the main issue here – not the value of the product, but whether people have earned or lost money.

4.  Compensation Plan For Part Timers

Alan’s promo will tell you that your success depends on the time and effort you put into the program.  This is manure of the greatest magnitude.

Because the program is an Aussie 2 up combined with a cash only Splitting Panel Airplane Game, your success depends not on your efforts, but on the efforts of others willing to bring in at least two unsuspecting victims.  When we collected all the ‘boards’ in our region, we were stunned to find that over 90% of them had stalled, and over 90% of people had lost money in the deal.  Many were seniors who could ill afford the loss.

One Orillia pensioner spent her life savings to board the ship in order to buy her husband a new van to transport him and his wheelchair.  When we asked Alan to make an exception and refund her money, he said, “I can’t make an exception for her!  If I make an exception for her, I’ll have to make an exception for everybody!”

His entire system is set up to keep himself at arm’s length and to promote competition and bickering among distributors.  There can be no co-operation when Alan designs a prize for “Most Keys Captured”, which involves ‘crushing ladders’ and stealing personal recruits from others based on a stringent timeline.  His name and BIM corporation have appeared many times on the leader boards.  It’s conflict of interest enough to have an officer or CEO be a distributor as well, and beyond belief that the corporation itself would be in competition with and stealing ‘keys’ from its own distributors!

The scheme is clearly a Ponzi, as Alan himself admits in the closing conference call of March 21 2010. He tells the distributors, “Don’t call the BIM office demanding money, because there is none!”  What did they expect from a Ponzi?  32 fresh fools must be brought into the airplane game before you get paid.  No wonder there’s no money left.  It’s all tied up in cars and legal costs.

5.  Training System For Success

Another sad joke.  Alan’s training was to invite people to the meetings without disclosing any details.

“Say nothing, say nothing, say nothing!  What part of Say Nothing don’t you understand?”

We are all fed up with that kind of deception, but for some reason, it still seems to work for Alan.  People arrive at the meeting, get swept away, and now we are seeing the sad and tragic results.

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