We’ve just discovered another excellent site that has joined the fight against Alan Kippax and Business In Motion. Shyam Sundar, a journalist his whole life, has been waging a battle against pyramid scams and money circulation schemes. Visit his blog Corporate Frauds Watch.

The articles are so good that we’ve quoted parts of them here. Our articles are probably getting way too long, but these are too good not to include!

April 15 2010 – Canadian ‘Business in Motion’ on the Verge of Closure

The long and sad story of the Canadian MLM scheme, Business in Motion (BIM), may finally be ending. The scheme has sent letters to its investors (salespeople), announcing it may be closing down. As in all such schemes, the actual percentage of losers (nearly all lose) was pre-determined from the start. The closing only lays bare the fraudulent structure and ends the falsely raised hopes of victims. The longer it operated, the greater the number of victims.The collapse of BIM resembles that of another recent pyramid scheme tragedy in Canada in which hundreds of family farmers were ruined by a “business opportunity” fraud, called Pigeon King International. As it did in the pigeon-breeding fraud, the government regulators of Canada allowed Business in Motion, a multi-level marketing company, to continue despite red flags of fraud, media alerts, whistle blower warnings, and a clear analysis of the scheme’s fraudulent design presented on national television.

Business in Motion had virtually no real customers. Its “salespeople” bought the “product,” a bogus and absurdly priced travel discount program. But, because the money was transferred through “product purchases”, rather than through the blatant payment of pyramid “fees”, the Canadian government treated it as a legitimate “sales” business. The fig leaf of “sales” was allowed to cover over pyramid recruitment, the true basis of the business. In fact, the only way to gain money in BIM is not from sales, but from recruiting more “salespeople” in an “endless chain.” The Canadian Competition Bureau has effectively enacted rules that supersede Canada’s well stated anti-fraud law, and thereby protects pyramid selling scams, such as Business in Motion.

Canada’s fraud law (shortened here for clarity): CRIMINAL CODE OF CANADA

206. (1) Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years who
(e) conducts… any scheme… by which any person, on payment of any sum of money… shall become entitled under the scheme… to receive from the person conducting … the scheme… a larger sum of money … than the … amount paid … by reason of the fact that other persons have paid … money … under the scheme.

Many red flags of fraud were obvious for regulators, yet all were apparently ignored.

A clone of the BIM scheme that was run by the cousin of BIM’s president was shut down in England as pyramid fraud. Business accounts would have been held and a forensic accountant may have been called in to see what happened with any money provided. You can learn more about forensic accountants and how they deal with business fraud over at eidebailly.com.

The BIM scheme was analyzed and exposed in one of Canada’s most popular news shows, Marketplace. Pyramid Scheme Alert President, Robert FitzPatrick, worked with the show’s producers to attend a BIM recruitment meeting with hidden microphones and cameras and then provided an on-air analysis of the trickery and the pyramid operation.

Even more significant, a Canadian judge had ruled against the BIM scheme after it filed a defamation lawsuit against Canadian whistle-blower, Dave Thornton, publisher of the anti-fraud website, CrimeBustersNow.com. Thornton had publicly accused the scheme of pyramid fraud. The judge determined that Thornton’s accusation was not defamatory because the business model was “prima facie” evidence that the scheme was indeed fraudulent. BIM had filed the suit in an attempt to intimidate and silence critics. Instead, the court ruled in favor of the whistle-blower.

Despite the scheme’s connections to the fraud in England and the news media exposé and despite the scheme’s naked attempt to intimidate a consumer advocate, and in the face of the Canadian judge’s devastating ruling about the scheme’s evident fraudulence, Canadian regulators still took no action. Consequently, thousands more Canadian consumers were lured into the BIM trap.

One added tragedy to this sorry tale is that the scheme’s president, Alan Kippax, is soon to be sentenced – possibly to a jail term – for reckless driving, resulting in horrible injuries to other motorists. He was reportedly racing with this cousin, Peter Kippax, the one who had operated the same pyramid scam under a different name in England where government regulators shut it down. The cousin had just returned to Canada after the government put him out of the scam business there.

The unavoidable question is, would that tragic driving accident ever have happened if the Canadian scheme had been brought to justice?

Shyam Sundar

The next day, another excellent writer, David Brear replied. [edited slightly to remove extraneous comments]

April 16 2010 – BIM’s Kippax Copied the Amway Swindle

With reference to ‘Business In Motion’ , the so-called ‘MLM’ company that has been allowed to operate in Canada for years despite a mountain of evidence proving that it is a camouflaged closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme, causing serious financial, and psychological, harm to thousands of constantly churning Canadian citizens. The one Canadian citizen who continued to complain about ‘BIM’ was Mr. David Thornton. Like myself, Mr. Thornton was an indirect victim who saw a family member undergo a sudden dramatic personality transformation as a result of unprotected exposure to an ‘MLM’ cult.

Classically, ‘BIM’ core-adherents have been controlled by a reality-inverting ‘negative versus positive’ fiction. Mr. Thornton became the target of ‘BIM’s’ owner, Alan Kippax, (and his criminal associates) who ran a vicious and well-financed smear campaign against him to undermine his credibility.

‘BIM’ was exposed by a Canadian television show http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/2009/easy_money/main.html . Amazingly, when Mr. Thornton tried peacefully to tell people entering a ‘BIM’ meeting that they were being cheated, Allan Kippax posed as the innocent victim under attack and succeeded in having Mr. Thornton arrested.

Alan Kippax displays many of the nine recognised diagnostic criteria which identify a severe and inflexible Narcissistic Personality Disorder Sufferer, yet, for a long time he steadfastly pretended that Mr. Thorton was a mentally ill, violent criminal. In reality, four years ago, Kippax was involved in a gruesome incident which caused the death of his cousin, Peter (aged 31) and also destroyed the lives of a young teacher and her fiancé.

Mr. Allan Kippax is undoubtedly an arrogant criminal and an ongoing menace to society. However, it is my considered opinion that he should probably be confined in a secure mental hospital, rather than a prison … Mr. Kippax seems to have simply copied the ‘Amway’ swindle, even his aggressive defence was taken word for word from the reality-inverting ‘Amway’ script.

David Brear

And this from today, again edited and abbreviated …

Sunday, 18 April 2010 – Severe And Inflexible Narcissists

… In the past, I have posted a series of articles which are a general condemnation of the severe and inflexible Narcissists who, throughout the ages, have created, and run, pernicious totalitarian cults and who have always been served by vile little curs … The quantifiable evidence proves that Mr. Alan Kippax, who instigated ‘BIM,’ stole tens of millions of dollars from thousands of ill-informed UK and Canadian citizens during two decades, whilst using coordinated devious techniques of social and pyschological persuasion to load them with guilt in order to prevent them from complaining.

… Mr. Kippax ran his sustainable closed-market swindle behind a fake ‘Business Opportunity.’ Mr. Kippax steadfastly pretended that the (banal and effectively unsaleable) wampum his ‘MLM Sceme’ offered was of exceptional quality and of good value, and that it was being retailed by the non-salaried commission agents of his company (whom he arbitrarily defined as ‘Independent Distributors’). In the adult world of quantifiable reality, the only people buying overpriced ‘Bim’ wampum were the insolvent agents of the company themselves. They had been tricked into dissipating their mental, physical and financial resources to the benefit of Mr. Kippax, no matter what suffering this entailed.

Classically, BIM de facto slaves were programmed to exclude all negative thoughts and influences from their lives (including friends and family members who criticised what they were doing). They were initially induced to hand over C$3400 (on the pretext that this was to launch their own business through access to an exclusive Website where they could buy exclusive holiday and travel products from ‘BIM’ ) they then had to hand over regular quantities of cash (on the pretext that this was to purchase these exclusive products). BIM de facto slaves had then to recruit their ‘positive’ friends and relatives in the deluded belief that the Exact Duplication of a Proven Business Building Plan of consumption and recruitment would lead to Total Financial Freedom.

When the overwhelming-majority of contributing participants inevitably lost money (because Kippax’s financially-suicidal scheme had no external revenue) the reality-inverting ‘BIM Independent Distributor Contracts’ made it appear to casual observers that the victims were to blame. In short, the grotesque, blame-the-victim ‘BIM’ swindle was a carbon copy of the grotesque, blame-the-victim ‘Amway’original. Like any ‘Amway’ schill, Mr. Kippax flaunted his stolen wealth in order to attract, and keep, his victims. He usually arrived at ‘BIM functions’ behind the wheel of one of his extensive collection of high- performance luxury cars complete with one of his private number plates.

Mr. Kippax is soon to be sentenced in Canada, not for committing fraud, but for his part in causing the death of his cousin and ruining the lives of an innocent young couple. The details of this incident, and of how Mr. Kippax’ amoral attorney has tried unsuccessfully to prevent his narcissistic client from being held to account (by using quasi-legal delaying tactics without the slightest concern for the further suffering these have caused to Mr. Kippax’ victims and their families), are enough to make any decent person want to vomit. However, had the Canadian police done their duty and arrested Mr. Kippax when complaints about his fraudulent ‘MLM’ activities first materialized, then this tragic incident would certainly never have happened.

For years, in order to obstruct justice, Mr. Kippax and his criminal associates sought falsely to portray Mr. David Thornton ( the one Canadian Citizen who continued to complain about the ‘BIM’swindle) as a deranged and violent criminal and lone conspiracy theorist, pursuing an obsessive one man crusade against a legitimate business opportunity for personal reasons. At one stage, Mr. Kippax filed a malicious C$10 millions lawsuit against Mr. Thornton, but this back-fired when a Canadian Judge ruled that Mr. Thornton was within his rights, Mr. Kippax was indeed driving a coach and horses through legislation designed to ban pyramid scams. Even then, the Canadian police still took no action against Mr. Kippax. Doesn’t all this sound frighteningly familiar?

David Brear

Thanks to Shyam and David for a breath of fresh air and intelligence!

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PS June 5 2010 – Here is Justice Deena Baltman’s brilliant summation of her sentencing decision – https://togethertothetop.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/BaltmanKippax2010.doc

Find it online at http://www.canlii.org/eliisa/highlight.do?text=Kippax&language=en&searchTitle=Search+all+CanLII+Databases&path=/en/on/onsc/doc/2010/2010onsc2529/2010onsc2529.html

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