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It’s a grim joke that in Network Marketing, our credentials are our failures. An MLM resumé is far more believable if it’s made up of bad decisions and catastrophes. Those who list only their successes often give the impression they were born in a Mercedes on the Mediterranean, wearing an Armani suit and a Rolex. That’s not us.

Bob and Anna BassettWe’re Bob and Anna Bassett, retired high school teacher and retired private investigator. We’ve had many successes in other areas of our lives, so we were totally baffled that we could not find success in network marketing. Between us we have an IQ over 100, so it made absolutely no sense that we could not apply that brainpower to this new venture and achieve at least some modest success.

We got nowhere.  Unless you consider further in debt to be somewhere.

“A failure learned from becomes a success.”  Stephen R. Covey

Here are our credentials:

  • We joined the first MLM presented to us without checking the comp plan or the earnings statement.
  • We put a cleaver through our address book by pestering our friends and family like they owed us a favor.
  • We changed barbers and hairstylists, chiropractors and opticians, veterinarians and florists when they would not become our customers.  We tried to change families but that didn’t work.
  • We loaned money to people so they could join us and do nothing with no intention to ever repay us.
  • We racked up thousands in bad debt and watched our accountant shake her head once again.
  • We lost money for five years but stuck with our decision through pride and stubbornness.
  • We bought over $20,000 worth of useless leads with nothing to show for it.
  • We learned how to make over 100 calls per day to kids, cats, cons, corpses and casino crawlers who had no idea how they got on our list but were quite happy to give us travel instructions laced with colorful suggestions of what to do with various body parts along the way.  And the horse we rode in on.
  • We maxed out three credit cards twice and remortgaged our home.
  • After five years working double full time, we were earning just $110 in residual income.
  • Our team consisted of just 60 people, most of whom we had sponsored personally, and all of whom had vanished – vaporeps!
  • We thought we had invented the perfect 100% attrition rate.
  • We walked on fire with Tony Robbins. Our feet got warmer, but our check stayed the same.
  • We were international presenters with no pay.  Recognition is NOT as good as a check.
  • We paid $10,000 to an internet marketing mentorship program that taught us how to earn $21 split three ways.
  • In desperation and ignorance, we stumbled into an illegal pyramid.  Or two.  Or three.
  • We ignored our gut feelings about an owner who redefined CEO as Crooked Evil Opportunist.
  • We rationalized an Aussie Two Up with certificates for precious stones as the product and never once wondered why there was no line-up at the emerald store.
  • We thought it was a great addition when the CEO added a travel package and online shopping.
  • We rationalized being part of the Old Airplane Game 8-4-2-1 splitting panel scam.
  • We watched ‘people helping people’ turn into people competing, complaining and conniving.
  • We watched our pyramid downline quickly grow to over 1000 people, none of whom wanted to learn the skills of network marketing.
  • We collected (not ‘earned’) good money for a while, but gave it all up when we realized what we were doing and got out!
  • We warned everyone to get out too, but were shocked to learn how little people actually cared.  We marveled that they were prepared to hide the truth and stay in the scam, bringing in fresh, unsuspecting victims.  One scammer phrased it as “just long enough to get my money back,” and had no answer to our question, “And which church do you go to?”
  • We stumbled into two or three surfing/clicking/advertising Ponzi schemes and actually believed we could earn 485% per annum legitimately!
  • We joined flaky shaky deals presented to us by people we knew, liked and trusted without doing our own homework.
  • We learned that if you’re in the wrong vehicle, it doesn’t matter how well you drive.
  • We got sidetracked several times by the tool weasels and the ‘Free For Three’ pyramid deals.

That’s a long list, but we include it to show that we’ve earned the right to write.

It’s also a list of mistakes we can help you avoid if you’ll just slow down, get educated and pay attention to your instincts.

“If it doesn’t make sense downtown, don’t fall for it online.”

All this turned around for us in 2005, when Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter invited us to the MLM Cruise.  That cruise triggered two major changes in our lives and networking careers.

The first was reading Success in Ten Steps, and paying attention to The Five Pillars – what to look for in a good MLM company.  The second was our decision to actually put into practice the skills we had been learning from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.

Step One is to find a good company that pays you well and treats you with dignity and respect.  Step Two is to learn how to build it rejection free, and pass those skills on to your team.

We’ve been fortunate or persistent enough to achieve both those goals.  The money is now flowing the right way (into our house, not out into the universe) and we’ve been able to help many people get started on their journeys to financial freedom.

In 2011, we were honored to be voted among the World’s Top 100 MLM Mentors at Business For Home.

Every leader we know has made dozens of mistakes along their road to success, and you’re going to do the same.  Your mistakes don’t have to be as expensive or long-lasting as ours.  Do your homework.  Learn what to avoid.  Trust your gut and keep on working on your goals.

Network marketing is the most brilliant business model we know.  It’s the only structure that allows the average person to achieve financial freedom.

Congratulations on your choice.  We look forward to helping you any way we can.

Together To The Top!
Bob and Anna Bassett

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