Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. Big Al simplifies things for us once again. Here’s a recent insight that gave us a bit of a surprise.

“Which skills should we give our new distributors first?

If our new distributor lacks confidence, then learning the four colors of personalities is the obvious choice.

However, out of the 25 basic skills, four skills will be needed immediately by almost every new distributor. After all, how many skills do new distributors have when they sign the distributor agreement? None!

The four cornerstone skills are:

  • Creating rapport so that prospects believe us.
  • Breaking the ice and introducing our business in a socially acceptable way.
  • Closing. Getting the prospect to make a “Yes” decision.
  • Presentation. Showing the prospect what is going to happen.”

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter


The best way to build rapport is to speak to people in their own language.

There are just four basic types of people you’ll be meeting – yellow, blue, green and red – the teddy bears, the chimps, the owls and the sharks. Don’t alienate an owl by promising parties.  Don’t irritate a shark by singing Kumbaya.

It sounds silly, but most distributors never bother to learn the language of their prospects.  We might as well be speaking Latin to Lutonians. The result is alienation and rejection, and another NO to add to the pile.

The most important thing we do is talk to people, and the most important time is the first ten seconds. Learn how to create instant rapport by listening to Big Al’s Secret Language of Prospects. When your team members learn the skill too, you’ll see an increased recruiting success rate and a growth in your downline!

Breaking The Ice

After building rapport, you’ll need to ‘break the ice’.  Tom calls it switching the talk from casual to commercial.

Remember that we are problem solvers, not solution pushers. Listen for a problem your prospect has and that you can solve. Before offering a solution, you’ll need to find out if your prospect wants to solve the problem, and more importantly, solve it with YOU.

This can be an awkward time, but if you’d like to learn some excellent ice breakers and first sentences (like our favorite “Would you like to do something about it?”) to put yourself and your prospect at ease, listen to Big Al’s Super Sponsoring Workshop.  Take the fear out of talking to people!


Now this was the surprise.

We always thought that closing (hopefully) followed our presentation.  Tom turns things around by redefining ‘closing’ as having someone give us permission to present.  They might say, “Tell me more,” or “What can I do about it?”

This is introducing our product or opportunity in a socially acceptable way.  It’s the pleasant opposite of firehosing – pushing a solution before finding a problem.

To learn more about rejection-free closing techniques, you’ll want to listen to Big Al’s Super Closing – The Decision Making Part Of The Brain


Getting permission opens the door for you to give your One Minute Presentation.

Instead of rattling on for an hour or trying to drag someone to a boring business meeting, you can tell your prospects everything they need to know for a decision in less than sixty seconds!

It’s a good skill to learn, and a great relief for you, your prospects and your team.

So there’s the four step formula. Try it and surprise yourself!

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