This is a five part MLM Sponsoring Success Test from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.  Give yourself a score of Zero to Ten in each of the categories.

  1. N – Number of People You Talk To.  If you talk to a lot of people all the time, give yourself 8-10.  If you talk to just a few people occasionally, give yourself 1-3.  If you don’t talk to anyone about your opportunity, give yourself a Zero!
  2. L – How Much Do People Like You?  If you are loved by all, give yourself a 10!  If you a despicable lowlife with no friends at all, give yourself a Zero!
  3. Q – Rate the Quality of Your Prospects.  If you talk to successful people with hunger and drive who always keep their promises and get things done, give yourself a 10.  If you only talk to sofa slugs and people you bump into at the coffee shop or in the bar, give yourself 1-3.  If your prospects have never been successful at anything in their lives, give yourself a Zero!
  4. S – Your Skills.  If you ‘just wing it’, give yourself 1-3.  If you have no clue about what to say or what to do, give yourself a Zero.  If you have two or three icebreakers and a one minute presentation, give yourself a 10!
  5. I – Your Self Image.  Give yourself a Zero if you just know you will fail at this because you’ve failed at everything else you’ve ever tried.  If you are an okay person and you’re going to give it a try, give yourself 1-3.  If you like yourself, and you’re going to try your best, give yourself 5-8.  If you see yourself as a success in everything, and you need this as much as oxygen and you’re going to do whatever it takes, give yourself a Ten!

Now multiply all five numbers together to get your Success Factor.

As an example, Tom gave himself 5 in each category.  NxLxQxSxI = 5x5x5x5x5 = 3125.  A perfect success factor would be 10x10x10x10x10 = 100000.

That means Tom has about 97000 as room for improvement!

Note that a Zero in any category reduces your score to Zero.  You can be the most likeable person in the world, surrounded by topnotch prospects, but if you don’t talk to anyone, your success factor could by 0x8x9x8x9 = Zero!

You could have a great self image with plenty of skills, but if you only talk to felons and flakes, your success factor could be 8x9x0x8x9 = Zero!

Note that to increase your success, you only have to improve in one area at a time.  Let’s say your score is a mediocre 3125 like Tom’s.  If you double the number of people you talk to, your score immediately doubles to 6250!

You could be shy and hesitant to approach people.  If you learn a couple new skills from Big Al, that will boost your skill level (5 becomes 8), self image (5 becomes 7), making you more likeable (5 becomes 7), and able to talk to more prospects (5 becomes 8), and of a higher quality (5 becomes 7).

When you improve in one area, you will automatically improve in others.  In this example, your score could increase from 3125 to 8x7x7x8x7 = 21952.  One or two skills can make you seven times more successful!

After you take this test yourself, share it with your team and help them improve too!

This test comes from Tom’s CD “Super Sponsoring With Big Al” and you can find many more skills like this at

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