Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter teaches you how to succeed in MLM and network marketing by learning a few basic network marketing skills. Okay, maybe not shocking, but this little truth might surprise you and make a big change in your thinking about your MLM prospecting. Here’s a gem from Big Al

“I often hear unsuccessful distributors say, ‘So where can I find some good leaders? You know, like those top leaders who are on the stage at the convention?’

Good question. But maybe it is the wrong question.

Let’s think about those top leaders on the stage at the convention. Yes, they are confident, they have skills, and they are motivated … now.

But did they look confident, skillful and motivated when they joined?

Maybe not … 

Maybe they looked like ordinary distributors, just learning, just building their self-confidence.

So if you are looking for good leaders like the ones you saw at the convention, just remember they didn’t look like that when they started. They looked totally different. And that is why they are hard to find.

Well then, what should our strategy be?

Let’s look for ordinary distributors who want to learn how to become leaders. We don’t expect these candidates to have the skills yet, but skills can be taught. What we do look for is the inner desire and motivation to learn and grow. That is hard to teach, so we want them to have that first.”

And the skills for building leaders?

The best place to start is at 

Start with the leadership skills YOU need and then pass them on to your team.

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Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s 25 MLM Skills
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