Seth Godin makes a great point for all of us in sales, MLM or traditional.

“Sold or bought?

Some things are bought–like bottled water, airplane tickets and chewing gum. The vendor sets up shop and then waits, patiently, for someone to come along and decide to buy.

Other things are sold – like cars, placement of advertising in magazines and life insurance. If no salesperson is present, if no pitch is made, nothing happens.

Both are important. Both require a budget and a schedule and a commitment.

Confusion sets in when you’re not sure if your product or service is bought or sold, or worse, if you are a salesperson just waiting for people to buy.”

If you find it easy to give out samples, but tough to go back to ask for the sale, you might want to re-examine your attitude towards selling.

We all hate the stereotypical pushy salesman who believes that one size fits all and you should buy his stuff whether you want it or not.  That’s probably why we hesitate to say we are in sales, and why MLM companies will tell us …

  • We’re not selling – we’re sharing.
  • This isn’t sales – this is promoting and recommending.
  • We’re in the people helping people business.
  • Just hand out a few samples …

All this is true, but it tends to mask and avoid the fact that we ARE in sales.  In a legitimate company, not one penny is paid out until something is sold.

So let’s not avoid the S-Word.  Let’s improve our attitude toward sales with the help of people like Harry Browne who says …

“Find out what people want and help them get it.”

Michael Oliver tells us …

“Find out if people have a problem you can solve, and if they want to solve it with you.”

You can’t find a more honorable calling than helping people solve their problems.  Once you adopt that attitude, you’ll be able to go back and make the sale …

“Hey, did you like that cookie?  Would you like to buy some more?”

For tons of tips about how to talk to customers, visit Big Al Skills, and then get out there and proudly sell something!