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(1) Policies and Procedures – Red Flags!

July 19 2008  Listen and learn about red flags in MLM Policies and Procedures

Read your Policies and Procedures and be amazed!

This call developed into four articles:

(2) Comp Plans – Roadblocks and Breakage

July 22 2008  Listen and learn about breakage in MLM Compensation Plans

  • The 10K and Half K Questions
  • The Binary and the Aussie Two Up
  • The Matrix and the Unilevel
  • Saved by Regulation Z
  • Money the company doesn’t want to pay you
  • Hoops you must jump through to not get paid

(3) Advertising Methods – What Works and What Doesn’t

September 25 2008  Listen and learn about advertising your MLM business

  • Home made flyers and door to door
  • Post Office and newspaper inserts and ads
  • Online methods – Direct Matches, Better Networker
  • Safelists, Traffic Swarm, YouTube, Plaxo, Facebook
  • Blogs and Newsletters
  • Filling the funnel with the Slight Edge
  • Sizzle Cards and the Three Foot Rule
  • How to get kicked out of Marshall Fields
  • How to get a phone call from Sears Security
  • How not to commit a federal offence in a mailbox
  • Push vs Pull
  • Roboform and other timesavers
  • Headline Creator and Headline Analyzer
  • Safelists, Craigslist
  • Top Ten Traffic Generators

(4) Getting Organized – Simple Methods

October 7 2008  Listen and learn about how you can get organized

  • ACT and other contact managers
  • Outlook, Outlook Express, Google Contacts
  • Let your PC remind you …
  • Roboform
  • Reverse Calendar – Click here for a handy Blank Reverse Calendar
  • Desk and Electronic Calendars
  • Save time with an autodialler
  • Sharp $30 Pocket Organizer
  • Plaxo and Facebook
  • Keyboard shortcuts

(5) Policies and Procedures – More Gotcha Clauses

October 14 2008  Listen and learn how to find gotcha clauses in MLM Contracts

  • Can I ever retire or take a vacation?
  • What happens if someone on my team shows up drunk?
  • Can I will my business to my family?
  • What does ‘bona fide training position’ mean?
  • Can they really steal my check?
  • Can they really terminate me at any time for any reason?
  • Why didn’t I read this before?  I just checked that little box!
  • BOHICA?  What does that mean?
  • Written By Lawyers
  • Do I Really Have To Do That?
  • Over The Top Clauses
  • What The Hell Clauses

(6) Comp Plans – Carrots, Hoops, and the $500 Briefcase

October 25 2008  Listen and learn about  hoops in MLM Compensation Plans

  • A skinny carrot on a long stick
  • Jumping backwards through company hoops
  • What did you get in a bag, bottle, or box?
  • The leatherette binder and an hour of bad training
  • The 10K and the Half K Questions
  • How old is the Binary?
  • Spillover and Upgrading
  • What happens when the stairstep breaks away?
  • Front End Loaders and Garage Salesmen

(7) Colors of Personalities – Lucy and Charlie Brown

November 1 2008  Listen and learn about  the Colors of Personalities

  • Lucy and Charlie Brown try MLM
  • A big lesson from Winnie the Pooh
  • Your car gives you away
  • Talk to the shoes
  • Could Archie Bunker sponsor Albert Einstein?
  • Could June Cleaver work with Eeyore?

(8) The Slight Edge – Getting Ready to Get Ready

November 8 2008  Listen and learn about How to Avoid Procrastination

  • The lesson of the hyacinth
  • Push WITH the swing – resonance in your daily life
  • Quantum Leaps are unnatural
  • Make time work FOR you, not against you
  • Doubt takes you out of action and the reverse is true
  • Compound interest works for bad decisions too
  • One good decision per day can make all the difference
  • Simple steps to success
  • A hilariously painful poem

(9) Five Pillars – Reinventing The Weasel

November 15 2008  Listen and learn about what to look for in an MLM company

  • How can I get my CEO out of jail?
  • Is it good to join a company in prelunch? (sic)
  • Are vinyl records and bustles a good idea?
  • Is a $1.73 check enough?
  • How can I find my sponsor?

(10) Compensation Plans – The Perfect Comp Plan

November 22 2008  Listen and learn about MLM Compensation Plans

  • Generations vs Levels
  • Get paid on EVERYTHING you do!
  • The Swirling Vortex and the Pulsating Pyramid
  • Arm’s Length and the Aussie Two Up
  • Will your CEO go to court with you?
  • Appealing to the Believians
  • Who’s that in my pocket?
  • The 10K and Half K Questions

(11) Colors of Personalities – Learn To Speak Prospectian

December 6 2008  Listen and learn about the Secret Language of Prospects

  • The four dialects: Yellovian, Greenish, Bluvian, and Reddish
  • From Hippocrates to Rhinocrates
  • Bad jobs for the wrong colors
  • Where do YOU sit at a banquet?
  • How do I talk to all these crazy people?
  • The Karaoke Test
  • Fluff, fluff, slam

(12) Advertising – Inexpensive Methods

December 11 2008  Listen and learn about inexpensive ways to advertise

Tips and Tricks for Social Network Sites and Local Prospects

  • Hotel Meetings and Meetup Groups
  • Making money from tools
  • Better Networker, Apsense
  • Blogs
  • Traffic Swarm and Safelists
  • Headline Creator and Headline Analyzer
  • In Your Face headlines
  • Hype, Google, TV Ads
  • The Magazine Trick
  • Direct Matches
  • Forums, Social Etiquette and Stricter Rules
  • Killing the Messenger

(13) Colors of Personalities – How To Edify Anyone To Anyone

February 7 2009  Listen and learn how to edify someone with the colors of personalities

  • Reds, Greens, Yellows, Blues
  • How a Green becomes vertical roadkill
  • The Hug Test
  • The Talky Test
  • The Barnacle Test
  • The Family Test
  • How to edify anyone to anyone
  • Some good phone questions
  • Thorough or Anal?
  • Graph Paper and the perfect color

(14) Five Pillars – How To Spot A Pyramid Scam

Feb 21 2009  Listen and learn how to identify a pyramid scam

  • What to look for in a company for your success
  • CBC Marketplace Expose of a CEO = Crooked Evil Opportunist
  • Aussie Two Ups Operating at Arm’s Length
  • Corporate Success does not equal MLM Success
  • The True Cost To You of a Corporate Court Case
  • Vegas Slot Machines and MLM Companies
  • Where the Chicken Should Cross The Road
  • Advice from Jerry Rhino Clark
  • The $500 Briefcase
  • The Perfect Comp Plan
  • The 10K and Half K Questions
  • A Great Book by Harry Browne

(15) Fears And How To Deal With Them

February 24 2009  Listen and learn how to overcome fears

  • Untying the ropes
  • Standing outside the window
  • Agenda = fear
  • The Art of Handling Objections
  • Do I want a pole or a fish or do I just want to fish?
  • Jeffrey Combs and Don Nicholls speak out
  • Why is the phone so heavy?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • Use fear as fuel
  • Harry Browne on “The Secret of Selling Anything”
  • What you can learn from your family doctor and the traffic cop
  • You don’t have to know anything!
  • Henry Ford’s pushbuttons
  • What lucky SOB is going to run into me today?

(16) Compensation Plans – The Missing Dollar

February 28 2009  Listen and learn about Breakage in MLM Compensation Plans

  • Misdirection and Sleight of Hand in MLM
  • Three traveling salesmen go to a motel …
  • We all live with a yellow wolverine …
  • Choosing the right wrong company
  • Check your pockets for hands
  • The $1000 Briefcase
  • Residual Robbery
  • Is your company in competition with you?
  • The internet makes us stupid
  • BUB = Broke Uncle Bill
  • When the carrot is skinnier than the stick
  • Papering your cell walls with company checks
  • All new brand new Perfect Compensation Plan

(17) Colors of Personalities – The Alphabet Song Method

May 2 2009  Listen and learn how to talk to MLM prospects

  • Anal Retentive or Thorough?
  • The Mother Tongue of Carl Jung
  • Color as a Crutch
  • Teddy Bears, Owls, Monkeys and Sharks
  • Avoiding Paralysis of Analysis
  • Graph Paper for Christmas
  • The Talky Huggy Test
  • Small Shiny Object or Sharp Shiny Object?
  • A, B, C, D, E, F, ME!

(18) Family Support – How To Encourage It

June 13 2009 Listen and learn how to promote family support for your MLM business

  • Napoleon Hill, Mark Yarnell, Zig Ziglar, and Bob Proctor
  • Al Capp and The Boys Down at The Stable
  • Your Kitchen Table Board of Directors
  • Flexible Appointments and Family Photos
  • Pick your own hours – which 24?
  • The Negative Husband and the Nagging Wife
  • The Bulldozer Mother
  • Advice for OppHoppers
  • Setting Realistic Family Goals
  • Where did Mommy go?
  • Is your spouse positive, neutral, or negative?
  • Support you never knew you had
  • Is Dad in a pyramid?
  • Keep the calendar low on the wall

(19) Meetup Groups

June 23 2009  Listen and learn how to form and operate a Meetup Group

  • How to pick a location
  • The meetings before and after the meeting
  • Brand yourself as a leader
  • The Importance of Pics and Vids
  • Meeting Etiquette and RSVP’s
  • Give More Than The Cost
  • Promote But Don’t Pester
  • Build KLT – Know, Like, and Trust

(20) Five Pillars – The Empty Mailbox

July 18 2009  Listen and learn how to avoid MLM failure

  • Top Floor of an Empty Lot
  • The Bigger the Name, the Less you Earn
  • Was that James Brown at my mailbox?
  • Maple Street or the I-75?
  • Axe Handles and Eight Tracks
  • How to Buy Yourself for Ten Cents
  • Wrapping Your Money in Aluminum Foil
  • Who Pays for those Millionaires?
  • Advice on Becoming Invisible

(21) Colors of Personalities – The Limericks Edition

August 1 2009  Listen and learn how to speak to MLM prospects in their own language

(22) Harry Browne 1 – The Secret of Selling Anything

August 4 2009  Listen and learn about The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne

  • Prospects Are Neutral
  • Enthusiasm is Not an Asset
  • Positive Thinking is Useless
  • When Not to Provide an Answer
  • If I Had a Magic Wand …
  • The Lump in the Middle of the Road
  • How the Karate Kid Handles Objections
  • Recruiting the Turkey at Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Avoiding the Crimsons who say “Tell Me Yes Or Tell Me No But Tell Me Now, I Gotta Go!”

(23) Harry Browne 2- The Secret of Selling Anything

September 1 2009  Listen and learn some MLM Success Tips from Tom Big Al Schreiter and Harry Browne

  • Tips from Tom Big Al Schreiter
  • You Can’t Motivate Anyone
  • Choose Your Own Hours – Which 24?
  • The Overperky Parts and Service Rep
  • Introverts Outsell Extroverts
  • When the Going Gets Tough, Take a Vacation!
  • Where Did Bill Go?
  • How to Control a Conversation
  • The Boss from Hell

(24) Five Pillars – Lobster and Hot Dogs

September 19 2009  Listen and learn what to look for in a good MLM company

  • Are You In Competition With Your Owner?
  • Lobster on the Corporate Jet and Hot Dogs at the Convention
  • Who Pays for all those Millionaires?
  • Training Your Competition
  • CEO’s Will Reap What They Sow
  • Bill Gates’ Kitchen Table
  • Crooked Evil Opportunists
  • Is 475% per annum a Good Return?
  • Madoff vs Ponzi – A Classic Scamoff!
  • I-75 or Maple Street?
  • What a Bus Driver Might Do with a Meatball Sundae
  • How to Make Your Phone Heavier

(25) Compensation Plans – Do I Have a Check Yet?

September 26 2009  Listen and learn how to find the best MLM compensation plan

  • Go Direct and Buy Your Own Warehouse
  • Arm’s Length = Shady Dealings
  • Fat Cats are Thin in Support
  • Can Fred Astairstep Outrun a Grizzly?
  • How a Weasel Finds a New Henhouse
  • Pay Plans that are Beyond Stupid
  • Is MLM Different from Downtown?
  • The Floating Descending Binary Creep

(26) Harry Browne 3 – The Secret of Selling Anything

October 6 2009  Listen and learn how to listen better for success in network marketing

  • Eight Tips for Better Listening
  • How To Ignore The Green Hair
  • Turn Out the Lights and Play With Passion
  • The Mushroom Treatment
  • Holding the Square, Turning the Cast, Hemming a Skirt …
  • How Lonely is Your Prospect?
  • Secretaries are Not Paid to Listen to Your Problems!
  • Why You Tell Your Hairdresser Everything
  • What Do You Call A Leader With No Followers?
  • How Does the Nurse Know Where You Hurt?
  • Where Should the Spotlight Be?
  • Start Leading By Listening
  • The Magic Wand Question
  • Too Much Enthusiasm?
  • Don’t Give an Aspirin When The Pain is Not a Headache

(27) Business Models – Manure Without The Spreader

October 6 2009  Listen and learn how to avoid MLM scams

  • Policies And Procedures that Bite You In The Butt
  • Would You Buy That Stuff NOW?
  • 200 Greater Fools in a Hotel Room
  • Renastigators For Sale
  • Are You Buying Product Or Permission?
  • Do You Recruit and Run, or Sponsor and Stay?
  • Digging Up Customers in the Graveyard
  • How Long is a CEO’s Armslength?
  • Retire?  Joke’s On You!
  • Reverse Auctions – Manure Without The Spreader
  • How to Organize Lottery Losers

(28) Harry Browne 4 – A DJ Learns to Love Dead Air

October 6 2009  Listen and learn how Harry Browne helped a DJ succeed in business

  • Listen or Hypnotize and Manipulate?
  • Everybody Loves It But Nobody Buys It
  • The Afro – Style or Savings?
  • Cooperating In Your Own Rescue
  • It’s Not About the Thing, It’s About YOU
  • Ten Sentences in Three Hours
  • From Coughing to Coughing and Crying
  • Free and Generic is Not Free or Generic
  • The $30000 Seminar
  • A DJ Learns to Listen
  • Dramatic Pause or Dead Air?
  • The Million Idiots
  • The More He Talked, The Better It Got
  • How the Navajo Converse
  • You Don’t Need a Script

(29) Harry Browne 5 – A Gift For My Daughter

December 1 2009  Listen and learn what Harry Browne taught his daughter

  • What to Give for Christmas
  • No One Owes You Anything
  • Don’t Put a Cleaver Through Your Address Book
  • Listen to Your Gut
  • Are You Still Beating Your Wife?
  • Work On What You Can Control
  • A Recipe for Failure
  • The Power of “Yet”
  • Round the Mountain or Up the Mountain?
  • What Keywords Are You Sending?
  • Tell Me Yes or Tell Me No But Tell Me Now I Gotta Go!
  • The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defence
  • A 12 Month Christmas

(30) Harry Browne 6 – Success At The Sports Bar

December 1 2009  Listen and learn how Harry Browne helped sell a radio ad

  • Avoid a Titanic Experience
  • Don’t Fall In Love With Your Torque Wrench
  • No Rejection, No Objection, No Failure
  • Get On The Same Side Of The Problem
  • From a $1350 Ad to a $5400 Tailgate Party
  • Performing Magically with No Magic
  • Be the Reins, Not the Horse, the Rudder – Not the Wind
  • All Passengers Arrive Safely
  • Listen, Listen, Listen!

(31) Harry Browne 7 – Listen, Listen, Listen!

December 1 2009  Listen and learn how to increase your success with Harry Browne’s listening tips

  • Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter Recommends Harry Browne
  • The Meanings of L.I.S.T.E.N.
  • Will a Tailpipe Fix a Broken Headlight?
  • Are You Asking Questions or Manipulating?
  • Santa Claus Selling
  • Hone Your Skills in the Dark
  • Listening Tips from Dr. Joe Martin
  • Avoid Fake Listening
  • Control Can Be A Good Thing
  • Don’t Take A Long Walk Alone
  • The Courage to Speak, and the Wisdom to Listen

(32) Jeffrey Combs’ Recipe For Failure

February 9 2010  Listen and learn how to avoid MLM failure with Jeffrey Combs

  • Lack of Self Esteem, Language of Lack, Poor Listening Skills
  • What’s Wrong With Me?
  • Interrupting Is Expensive
  • How Much Money Are You Making?
  • Asking The Wrong Question
  • “Who Is This Silent Critic?”  T.S. Eliot
  • Take The Self Esteem Test At http://www.testcafe.com
  • How Damaging Is “I’m Such A Dummy”?
  • Blamie Mamie and Blamie Jamie
  • The Power Of “Yet”
  • Killing The Messenger and The Yes Dear Syndrome
  • How To Take The Compliment
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Poor Listening Skills

(33) Five Pillars – How We Joined A No Pillar Company

February 20 2010  Listen and learn how to avoid Bob and Anna’s MLM mistakes

  • The Rings of Saturn and MLM
  • Ugly From Either End
  • No Pay No Stay
  • How To Rationalize Drugs and Weapons Charges
  • Pyramid Timing Is Always Right
  • Cops and Ministers and Sports Heroes
  • Lost At Sea On A Pirate Ship Yo Ho Ho
  • Faster Than A Speeding Attorney General

(34) Comp Plans – The Binary and Matrix 10k Question

February 27 2010  Listen and learn about the Binary Compensation plan

  • Those Mesmerizing Mystifying Circles
  • The Three Legged Bongonian Binary
  • We Have Seven Ways Not To Pay You!
  • Ricky and Rita Retail Break Even
  • Can You Get Your Toe In The Shallow End?
  • Finding Fools Like Ourselves
  • Fun With Rep Support
  • Analyzing a Binary and a Matrix For The 10k Question

(35) How To Make Your Point In Thirty Seconds – Milo Frank

March 2 2010  Listen and learn how Milo Frank can teach you to make your point in thirty seconds

  • Bore Us In Minutes or Interest Us In Seconds
  • Dorothy, The Wizard Of Goals
  • Commander Scott Waffles In Antarctica
  • One Sentence Is Your Life Jacket
  • The Guano Lesson
  • Keep A Hook Book
  • Make Them SEE What You Are Saying
  • Do Not Speak Businessese and Avoid Jargon
  • Does This Story Have A Happy Ending We Can Work Toward?

(36) Eat That Frog – Brian Tracy

March 23 2010  Listen and learn 21 ways to stop procrastinating with Brian Tracy

  • 21 Ways To Stop Procrastination
  • Eat The Ugliest Frog First And All At Once
  • Activity Is Not Accomplishment
  • Deadline Comes, Deadline Goes, If You’re Lucky, Nobody Knows
  • The Law Of Enforced Efficiency and Creative Procrastination
  • Blamie Mamie Is Helpless
  • Tasks Are Like Salami
  • Uneaten Frogs Can Be Expensive

(37) Harry Browne 8 – Selling Is Communication

April 6 2010  Listen and learn how Harry Browne communicates to sell

  • Lee Iacocca Looks For Leaders
  • Firehosing Is Not Communication
  • Get Rid Of Your Oldsmobile
  • Ha Ha Ha Ouch Ouch Ouch
  • The Magic Wand
  • Ask, Listen, Repeat
  • Admit You Are Useless
  • Sales – Helping Or Tricking?
  • Keep The Spotlight On Your Prospect
  • The Less We Say, The Faster It Goes
  • Turn Off The Salesman Alarm

(38) How To Communicate – Color To Color

May 1 2010  Listen and learn how to talk to MLM prospects in their own language

  • How Greens Saturate The Planet
  • Don’t Poke The Panther – Reds Think You Are Lunch
  • Get Mellow Yellow
  • When Documentation Beats Conversation
  • The Joys of “Yes, Dear … “
  • Stay On Track – Don’t Quack Quack Quack
  • What The Odd Couple Can Teach You
  • Paralysis Of Analysis
  • Colors By Limericks

(39) Harry Browne 9 – Selling Is Easy

May 4 2010 Listen and learn why Harry Browne says selling is easy

  • Do They Stay For The Second Breath?
  • “I Don’t Have What You’re Looking For!”
  • How To Irritate Fewer People
  • Humans Stutter and Stammer – Why Shouldn’t You?
  • How To Handle “How Much Money Are You Making?”
  • The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self Defence
  • How To Maintain Posture And Professionalism
  • When All’s Said And Done, There’ll Be More Said Than Done

(40) Harry Browne 10 – Selling Gets Easier

June 1 2010  Listen and learn why  Harry Browne says selling gets easier

  • Harry Calms You Down
  • How Did You Talk To People Before MLM?
  • You May Be Doing Something Unnatural
  • Then You Come Along And Ruin It – You Should Take It Personally!
  • How Do You Make The Sound Of An Egg Cracking on Linoleum?
  • What Makes Your Phone So Heavy?
  • Do Blues Have Ends To Their Sentences?
  • Would You Like To Do What You’d Like To Do?
  • Smart on The Street, But Stupid In The Meeting
  • If You’re In The Convincing Business, You’re Out Of Business!
  • Are You Force Feeding Your Hostages?
  • Where IS That Potato Salad, Anyway?

(41) Communication Color to Color – Bob and Anna on Radio

June 5 2010  Listen and learn how to speak to MLM prospects in their own language

  • From Hippocrates To Rhinocrates
  • Speak Prospectian:  Yellovian, Greenish, Bluvian, Reddish
  • Communicating With Crayolas
  • The Huggy Talky Test and The Rainbow Rule
  • Hesitate, Meditate, Evaluate
  • Tunnel Vision Is NOT Focus
  • You Don’t Have To Get It Right, You Just Have To Get It Going!
  • Money Makes The Red World Go Round
  • Colors By Limericks
  • Who Balances The Checkbook?  Who Plans The Party?
  • Fluff Fluff Slam, But Don’t Poke The Panther
  • Documentation Beats Conversation
  • Stay On Track – No Quack Quack Quack
  • Avoiding The Paralysis Of Analysis

(42) Harry Browne 11 – Problem Solving, Not Solution Pushing

July 06 2010 Listen and learn how Harry Browne solves problems.

  • How We Create Our Own Rejection
  • Enthusiasm Is Not A Virtue
  • Negative Thinkers And Introverts Are More Successful
  • When The Going Gets Tough, Take A Vacation!
  • Are You Listening Or Are You Just Waiting?
  • What Causes YOUR Headache?
  • We Are Problem Solvers, Not Solution Pushers
  • How Your Head Gets In The Way
  • We Want Their Light To Come On, Not Ours To Shine Brighter

(43) Five Pillars – Sandy Botkin’s Ten Questions for an MLM Opportunity

July 17 2010  Listen and learn how to choose the best MLM company with tips from Sandy Botkin

  • Manure In The Hotel Room
  • Learn How To Earn $21 Split Three Ways!
  • The Double Blind Placebonians
  • Six Months for a $20 Refund?!!!
  • Are You Selling Chevs While Driving A Ford?
  • How Long Is The Line-Up At The Emerald Store?
  • What Do You Do With A Vaposponsor?
  • If You Are Not Selling Stuff, Where Is Your Check Coming From?
  • How A Garage Salesman Became A Millionaire With Front End Loaders!
  • Why Won’t People Join Me In My Failure?

(44) Advertising – Hints For Headlines

July 22 2010  Listen and learn how to write the best headlines for your MLM advertising.

  • How Did The Egyptians Advertise?
  • Do More Ads Mean Lower Prices?
  • A Headline Is An Ad For Your Ad
  • What’s In It For Me?
  • How Much Time Should You Spend On A Headline?
  • The Life Force Eight
  • Which Is Better, A Fleece Of Gold Or A Blonde Mistress?
  • Your Target Market Is Not Yourself
  • Is It Better To Succeed Or To Have Success?
  • The Secret To Sending Effective Emails
  • Brevity Is The Key

(45) MLM Compensation Plans – The 10k Calculator

July 24 2010  Listen and learn how to find the best MLM compensation plan.

  • Richard Dennis’ View Of Canadians
  • Suspend Your Disbelief!  Join Now!
  • What You Find When You Don’t Know How To Look
  • Is $115 Per Month Okay After Five Years?
  • The Metropolitan Monticello Municipal Mankind Moving Motorbus Company
  • Treat MLM Like Downtown
  • Goals, Dreams, and Vision Boards Are Not Legal Tender
  • The 10k Calculator
  • The Big Money Comes Later.  Is That A Shovel I Hear Clanking?
  • One, Three, Nine, Twenty Seven, Eighty One, Two Forty Three, Manure!
  • Are You Getting Paid On Alice AND Betty Or On Alice OR Betty?
  • Do You Prefer $10 or $700 Per Hour For Doing The Same Thing?
  • Do You Want To Join The Buck Of The Month Club?
  • What Do CEO’s Know That We Don’t?
  • Let’s Play A Game – Do I Have A Check Yet?
  • Are Your Company Hoops On Fire?

(46) Harry Browne 12 – It’s All About Happiness

July 27 2010  Listen and learn to find happiness with tips from Harry Browne.

  • How Many No’s Can You Take?
  • Why Are They Doing What They Are Doing?
  • Is Helping People Selfish?
  • “You’re Negative And My Feet Still Work!”
  • Do You Enjoy Providing Unhappiness For Others?
  • Are You A Firehoser?
  • Do You Walk To Work Or Take Your Lunch?
  • Is Your Desperation Showing?
  • Resources Are Limited.  Choose Wisely.
  • How To Start A Monkey Business Pyramid
  • Wanna Buy A Box Of Air?
  • How To Help Your Spouse Understand
  • Would Harry Sponsor A Red?
  • Where Does A Scammer Find A Coach?
  • When To Choke Your Dinner Host
  • Be Proud Of Your Agenda
  • How To Develop Self Esteem
  • You Want “Me Too!”, Not” So What?”
  • Learn How Tell When A Phone Call Is Going Well
  • Rule One:  Stop Talking!

(47) Harry Browne 13 – Happiness Is Relative

October 5 2010  Listen and learn why Harry Browne says that happiness is relative.

  • Why Are You Talking To Deaf Ears?
  • How To Get Brain Damage Jumping In Head First
  • Firehosing For No Fun And No Profit
  • Retiring With A Mortgage
  • If There’s No Problem, There’s No Solution
  • Security Or Freedom – Can You Have Both?
  • What Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, Michael Oliver, and Harry Browne Have In Common
  • A Cleaver Through Your Address Book
  • Everybody Is Somebody’s Relative
  • Do You Have Urgency Or Desperation?
  • The Most Important Person In The World
  • Where Is The Spotlight?
  • Years To Get Into Debt – How Long To Get Out?
  • Sign up One in One Hundred or Zero in One Thousand?
  • It’s Still Face To Face on Facebook

(48) Wayne Wu Interviews Bob and Anna Bassett

October 14 2010  Listen to Wayne Wu ask Bob and Anna Bassett for MLM Success Tips.

  • Money Swaps and Ponzis
  • Two Hard Working Fools
  • Retiring With A Mortgage
  • Buying Yourself As A Lead
  • Inviting People To Share Your Failure
  • Why Is Your Financial Advisor Still Working?
  • Are You Making Money Or Collecting Money?
  • Does CEO = Crooked Evil Opportunist?
  • Do Scammers Become Better People Or Savvier Crooks?
  • MLM Should Be Like Downtown
  • Don’t Send Money To A Nameless Faceless Stranger
  • There’s No Line-Up At The Precious Gem Store
  • Spending $10000 To Learn How To Split $21 Three Ways
  • If You’re In The Wrong Vehicle, It Doesn’t Matter How Well You Drive
  • “No Wonder They Left Us!”
  • I Have Read, I Understand, I Agree, OUCH!
  • Is Choking The Best Way To Kill The Messenger?
  • Striving For Invisibility
  • The Myth of Willability
  • Get Educated And Get Out
  • It’s Your Reputation At Stake
  • Lead With Education, Not Manipulation
  • Read Wayne’s Article at ProfitableNetworker.com

(49) Harry Browne 14 – How Men Profit

November 2 2010  Listen and learn to increase your MLM income with profit tips from Harry Browne.

  • Drop Your Shoulders And Avoid Rejection
  • Let Go Of The Outcome To Increase Your Income
  • Win Win Or No Deal
  • Socrates Did Not Use Tacky Techniques
  • Avoid Objections By Not Raising Them
  • Questions Mean Communication
  • Would You Like To Do Something About It?
  • Don’t Die Broke And Homeless!
  • Are You Sorting Or Irritating?
  • In Your Facebook!  Firehoser Heaven!
  • The Tale Of The New Dolly

(50) Harry Browne 15 – Make The Most Of The Holidays

November 2 2010  Listen and learn how to make the most of the holidays with tips from Harry Browne.

  • We ARE In Sales!  Be Proud And Do It Right!
  • Michael Oliver:  How To Make The Most Of The Holiday Season
  • Don’t Firehose The Christmas Party
  • Big Al’s “Pass The Peas” Method
  • Fact, Fact, Small Bit Of Info
  • Are You Problem Solving Or Solution Pushing?
  • If Your Only Tool Is A Hammer …
  • A Good Question Asker Is A Good Listener
  • Don’t Beat Me With Your Script!
  • If We Could Wave A Magic Wand …
  • Are Thank You Notes Dead?
  • When To Head For The Punch Bowl
  • Your Business Cards On The Floor – Ouch!
  • If It’s Not Your Party, Shut Up!
  • Harry Browne’s Christmas Gift To His Daughter
  • Nobody Owes You Anything

(51) Harry Browne 16 – Michael Oliver On The Ski Lift

January 4 2011  Listen and learn to listen the Michael Oliver way.

  • That’s All?  Two Minutes Out Of Ten?
  • People Are Inexplicable.  Or Are They?
  • Approach The Iceberg Carefully
  • Leave Your Ego At The Bottom Of The Ski Lift
  • Oops!  Did You Actually WANT To Watch This Video?
  • Bothering Beth In Her Backyard
  • Solutions For Problems That Don’t Exist
  • If A Screwdriver Is Needed, Don’t Bring Out The Welder
  • No Thanks, I Prefer To Keep On Complaining.
  • Big Al Plants A Time Bomb
  • Help Your Kids Learn How To Listen
  • Teachers Are Better Than Sleeping Pills
  • Blues Aren’t The Only Multitaskers
  • Scripts Are Pigeon Holes

(52) Harry Browne 17 – Types of Questions To Ask

February 1 2011  Listen and learn from Harry Browne the best questions to ask your MLM prospects.

  • Is It Really Dog Eat Dog?
  • Theft Is Unnecessary
  • If You Want A Good Answer, Ask A Good Question
  • Selling Is Merely Influencing The Outcome
  • ‘People Helping People’ Is More Than A Clever Saying
  • Funnel Questions Are For Detectives
  • Emotions First, Then Logic
  • What Do Professional Pointers Point To?
  • Are Leading Questions Manipulative?
  • Do You Prefer A or B?  What Happened to C?
  • How To Calm A Cranky Customer
  • Loverage!
  • Don’t Be Elsewhere
  • Nervous Is Natural
  • Role Playing or Wolfgang?  Wha?
  • You Have To WANT To
  • Your Color Is Not A Crutch
  • Make A Help List, Not A Hit List

(53) Harry Browne 18 – Profit Is A Reward

March 1 2011  Listen and learn why Harry Browne says that profit in MLM is a reward.

  • It’s Gotta Be Win Win
  • Profit Is A Reward For Satisfying The Desires Of Others
  • Christopher Columbus Was A Great Salesman
  • Sell With Pride – Zig Ziglar
  • They Throw It, I Hit It.  They Hit it, I Catch It – Willie Mays
  • Hit The Ball Hard, Go Find It, Hit It Again – Jack Nicklaus’ Father
  • Go Fast, Turn Left.  Keep It Simple at The Indy 500
  • Harry Browne Is The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Throw Your Scripts Out The Window
  • Was That A Conversation Or A Flow Chart?
  • Don’t Open The Garage Doors Until You Know Your Toolchest
  • Don’t Fix The Windshield If The Lug Nuts Are Loose
  • Fun With Firehosers On InYourFacebook

(54) Colors of Personalities – Do’s And Don’ts

March 5 2011  Listen and learn how to talk to your MLM prospects in their own language.

  • Learn To Speak Yellovian, Greenish, Bluvian, Reddish
  • The Huggy Talky Test
  • June Cleaver, Mr. Muggs, Mr. Spock, and Donald Trump
  • Can You Hug An Owl Or A Shark?
  • The Spare Time Test
  • Stay Mellow For The Yellow
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm And Don’t Be Late
  • Documentation Beats Conversation
  • Don’t Poke The Panther – You’ll Become Lunch!
  • Full Steam Ahead And Get The Whiners Belowdecks
  • Quack, Quack Quack – Stay On Track
  • Fluff, Fluff, Slam!
  • Felix Unger And Oscar Madison
  • What Was The Question Again?

(55) John Earl Shoaff – The Law of Attraction 1961

March 15 2011  Listen and learn about The Law of Attraction from John Earl Shoaff.

  • Law of Attraction from Plato to Newton
  • Jim Rohn – $57/wk to Multimillionaire
  • How To Get Everything You Want Out Of Life
  • Burn Your Home Down Or Light Your Home Up
  • Gravity And The Saint, Gravity And The Sinner
  • You Attracted Those Distributors – Don’t Blame Me!
  • It Has Nothing To Do With Affording It.
  • Plant The Seed And Say “Thank You!”
  • The Law Of Attraction Is The Law Of Expectancy
  • Are You Ready For Your ’62 Cadillac?
  • You May Have To Plant Your Seeds Privately
  • Dreamboarding To Egypt

(56) Story Telling With Tom Paredes

March 19 2011  Listen to Tom Paredes teach you how to tell stories and increase your MLM success.

  • “The Little Room” in Brownsville
  • Tacos In The Lunch Room
  • An Ornamental Horticulturist In The Marines
  • My Grey Polyester Bell Bottomed Suit At The Mall
  • If You Join Me, We’ll Be Two
  • “I Don’t Know What My Dad Does”
  • Big Al Recommends A Dodge Colt
  • We Move People, Not Product
  • Our Number One Product Is Freedom
  • The Three Main Reasons Why People Quit
  • The Four Core Values
  • Manuel At The Meat Market
  • The Bird In The Hand And The Black Balloon
  • Letitia Speaks From The Heart
  • A Lesson From Typing Class
  • Reduce Your Dream Or Increase Your Income
  • Tell Your Story With Passion
  • If you’ve heard Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter praise his mentors,you’ll have heard of Tom Paredes.  He’s built a huge organization,mainly with his great skills on the phone.
  • Download a free transcript of the interview at https://togethertothetop.com/?page_id=238

f you’ve heard Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter praise his mentors, you’ll have heard of Tom Paredes.  He’s built a huge organization, mainly with his great skills

on the phone.

Download a free transcript of the interview at …


(57) “Tell To Win” by Peter Guber

March 29 2011  Listen to Peter Guber teach you how to “tell to win.”

  • We Are Hard Wired For Stories
  • Get Face To Face And Breathe The Same Air
  • From Prey To Predator?  How Did We Do That?
  • State Of The Heart Technology
  • The Meaning Of M.A.G.I.C.
  • What’s In It For THEM?
  • Be Participants, Not Passengers
  • Be Active In Your Own Rescue
  • The Emotional Transportation Business
  • Fun With Telemarketers
  • What Television Did To Ireland

(58) Harry Browne 19 – Please The Consumer

April 5 2011  Listen to Harry Browne teach you how to please the consumer.

  • Consumption Is The Goal
  • Profits On A Desert Island
  • Your Costs Don’t Matter To HIM!
  • 100 Top Words For Your Job Satisfaction
  • Want Some Story With Those Stats?
  • Are Sponsors Heartless Or Incompetent?
  • Fear Takes You Out Of Action.  Action Takes You Out Of Fear
  • The First Twenty Seconds

(59) Richard Dennis – Entrepreneur By Default

January 5 2011  Listen to Richard Dennis for excellent MLM Success tips.

  • Circles And Sticks In ’76
  • An Entrepreneur By Default
  • A Quote Tracker On My Bus Dashboard
  • Beware ‘Commodities Man’!
  • Tomato Warning
  • Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
  • A Degree In College Hours
  • Learning To Research In Flossmoor Illinois
  • It Never Occurred To Me To Contact A Lawyer
  • All Kinds Of Supervisors At The Miami Herald
  • His Voice But My Headline
  • Why Is This Letter So Cheerful?
  • It Never Occurred To Me To Read My Contract
  • Business Is Different From Friendship
  • It’s Not The Product, It’s The People
  • Learn To Write
  • Protect Yourself – Do Your Due Diligence

(60) Harry Browne 20 – What Are We Selling?

May 3 2011  Listen to Harry Browne asking what we are selling in MLM.

  • Is It A Solution If There’s No Problem?
  • Crouching In The Bushes on InYourFacebook
  • The $500 Cadillac
  • How Prospects Get Along Without You
  • Putting A Cleaver Through Your Address Book
  • Jimmy Dick’s 100% Success Rate
  • The Comfy Complainer
  • How To Deal With Vampires

(61) Andrea Scott Interviews Bob and Anna Bassett

May 8 2011  Listen to Andrea Scott interview Bob and Anna Bassett on MLM Failure and MLM Success!

  • The Broke Financial Advisor
  • A Job Dooms You
  • Know Like And Trust is NOT Due Diligence – Joke’s On You!
  • Jump In Head First And Get Brain Damage
  • Hard Work + No Skills = Failure
  • If You Are In The Wrong Vehicle, It Doesn’t Matter How Well You Drive
  • Our Lawyer Called Us Nuts

(62) Harry Browne 21 – The Secret Of Success

June 7 2011  Listen to Harry Browne’s Secret of Success

  • What They Don’t Teach You In Sales 101
  • I Am Your Constant Companion
  • “This Product Sells Itself!”
  • Michael Oliver’s Four Steps To Natural Selling
  • Prospects Are Crazy
  • Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret Of Success
  • Spending $21000 To Buy More People To Alienate
  • Do You Want To Fix Your Transmission Or Tune Your Banjo?
  • “If I Could Wave A Magic Wand … “
  • How To Build A Chain Of Ignorance
  • Make Your Own Miracle On 34th Street

(63) Peter Guber – Stay Out Of The Monkey Business

June 11 2011 Listen to Lessons from Peter Guber’s “Tell To Win”

  • If You Can’t Tell It, You Can’t Sell It
  • Seth Godin:  Leaders Give People Stories They Can Tell Themselves
  • Girls Gone Wild On The Colorado
  • Dogs Or Crocodiles?  The King Chooses …
  • We’re In The People Transformation Business
  • Stay Out Of The Monkey Business

(64) Harry Browne 22 – The Ten Word Secret Of Success

July 5 2011 Listen to what Harry Browne and Michael Oliver have in common.

  • Don’t Set Off The Salesman Alarm
  • Must You Be Aggressive, Tenacious, Glib, Extroverted, Mesmerising, Manipulative, Controlling, Courageous, Overpowering, Emotionless, Tireless, Single-Minded, Overwhelmingly Confident?  No?  Good!
  • Death Of A Salesman – Lots Of Salesmen
  • The Fuller Brush Man Gets A Downline
  • Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret Of Success
  • Why Did The Shopper Cross The Road?  To Get Away From You!
  • I Value Your Opinion.  No You Don’t!
  • How Many Jams Are Too Many?

(65) Compensation Plans – The 10k Formula

July 23 2011  Bob and Anna teach you how to understand your comp plan!

  • First, Read Our 10k Question Article.
  • What Do 1000 People In A Pyramid Have in Common?  They Don’t Care!
  • Paralyzed By The Mumbo Jumbo Company 10k Answer
  • Focus Or Tunnel Vision?
  • An Easy 10k Formula
  • Popsicle Money From Loyal Customers
  • A Muddled Matrix And An Alice Or Betty Binary
  • A Lesson From The Energizer Bunny
  • High Pay For Low Work Is Not Greedy Or Lazy

(66) Harry Browne 23 – The Sale

August 2 2011 Listen to how Harry Browne made an impossible sale.

  • You Don’t Have To Know About Chrome Plating
  • Throw Your Scripts Away
  • The Most Interesting Person In The World
  • Don’t Bring Out The Welder To Change A Lightbulb
  • Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret Of Success
  • Michael Oliver’s Four Principles Of Natural Selling
  • Your Prospect Is An Iceberg.  Don’t Be The Titanic
  • If I Had A Magic Wand …
  • Hearing A Compliment As A Complaint
  • Handling Objections That YOU Caused
  • Become An Insider, Not An Intruder
  • Short Question, Long Answer

(67) Ask And Listen, Listen And Learn

August 13 2011 Listen to Bob and Anna on Harry Browne and Michael Oliver.

  • Read the transcript of this call in the article Ask And Listen, Listen And Learn
  • The Five Ton Phone
  • Conversation Or Flow Chart?
  • A Script Is A Fish.  You Need A Pole
  • Four Things You Must Find Out
  • Can A Piano Tuner Fix A Transmission?
  • FORMS For Questions
  • Avoid Blamie Mamie And Not My Fault Walt
  • If Your Life Depended On Taking Action …
  • What’s The Pay Rate For Pen Pals?
  • Will You Do Whatever It Takes?
  • Take This Listening Skills Test

(68) Harry Browne 24 – Sixteen Motivators

September 6 2011 Listen to Bob and Anna explain what motivates your prospects.

  • The 200 Pound Phone
  • Can A Banjo Tuner Fix A Ford?
  • Michael Oliver’s Four Fearless Questions
  • Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret To Success
  • Confessions Of A Problem Planter
  • Well Known Weasels
  • Are Your Sales Accidental?
  • Sixteen Motivators
  • Dream Boards Are Not Legal Tender
  • Eating Before Sex?  Wrong List!
  • Jeffrey Gitomer And The Salesman’s Dream

(69) Compensation Plans – Five Key Questions

September 24 2011 Listen to five important questions that can save your bacon!

  • Mistakes Or Credentials?
  • IQ Has Nothing To Do With Behavior
  • Are Poor Decisions Addictive?
  • Don’t Take Your GoKart To The Indy 500
  • Are You Working For Half A Popsicle?
  • MLM Or Pizza Delivery?
  • Five Key Questions To Ask
  • Opphopping For Pain and Poverty
  • Spinning Plates And Plugging Holes
  • You Can’t Dance With A Binarian
  • How To Sponsor Your Cat

(70) Colors of Personalities – The Huggy Talky Test

October 1 2011 Listen to Bob and Anna’s novel twist on the four personality types.

  • Learn To Speak Yellovian, Bluvian, Greenish And Reddish
  • Would June Cleaver Marry Archie Bunker?
  • Don’t Hug The Bo$$
  • Use An Egg Timer For Chitchat
  • Flowers On Autoship
  • Greens Make Lists Of Lists
  • Fun Or Footnotes
  • Lawn Mowers Or Licorice?
  • Quack Quack Quack Or Stay On Track

(71) Dave and Darlene Mills Interview Bob and Anna Bassett

October 2 2011 Listen to Bob and Anna with the Mills’ of The Kingdom of Nova Scotia.

  • Top 100 MLM Mentors
  • Retiring With A Mortgage
  • Hard Working Fools At $110 A Month
  • Get Fired Up And Get Signed Up!
  • Desperation And Ignorance Lead To Bad Decisions
  • $10000 To Learn How To Split $21 Three Ways
  • Count The Pillars In A Pyramid
  • Avoid Prelaunch Peril
  • Maple Street Or The I-75?
  • No Pay No Stay
  • Lotions And Potions And Lacrosse Sticks And Licorice
  • Selling Lawnmowers To Apartment Dwellers
  • Blamie Jamie And Blamie Mamie
  • The Dangers Of Deifying
  • The Same As Downtown
  • It’s Gotta Be Fun

(72) Harry Browne 25 – First Things First and The Magic Wand Question

October 4 2011 Listen to how Harry Browne prepares for a sale.

  • Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret To Success
  • This Is A Lonely Business
  • Locked In Your Room With A 500 Pound Phone
  • Pull Beats Push
  • Michael Oliver’s Four Fearless Questions
  • FORMS Not Firehosing
  • If You Could Wave A Magic Wand
  • Watershed Questions
  • You Can’t Chop Down Trees With A Briefcase
  • Be Your Own Psychiatrist

(73) Harry Browne 26 – Terms Of The Sale

November 1 2011 Listen to how Harry Browne makes selling easier.

  • Goals Are In Your Mouth, Intentions Are In Your Hands
  • A Chubby Complainer Is Not A Prospect For A Diet Plan
  • Their Two Cents Is Worth More Than Your Two Cents
  • Decide With Emotion, Justify With Logic
  • Prospects With Poached Egg Eyes
  • Make Your Sale In The Quiet Back Yard
  • Nineteen Levels Past Infinity
  • What Would You Like To Know Next?
  • Retirement Questions And Your Freedom Factor
  • A $50 Check is $10000 In The Bank
  • Most People Think They Have A Plan B
  • Why Robert Kyosaki Likes MLM

(74) Harry Browne 27 – Now You Can Start Talking

November 29 2011 Listen to Harry Browne give you permission to start talking!

  • A Garage Full Of Renastigators
  • And They’d Slowly Slip Away
  • Why Make Selling Difficult
  • The Beside The Phone Book
  • The Miraculous Double Placebo Product
  • The Patented Compensation Plan
  • Are You Lying For Your Company?
  • Get In While the Getting’s Good!
  • Breathing Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • You Make A Dime By Making A Sale
  • Sales Make The World Go Round – Let’s Be Proud!

(75) Harry Browne 28 – Problems Are No Problem

January 3 2012 Listen to Harry Browne teach you how to sell rejection free!

  • Michael Oliver’s Four Fearless Questions
  • No problem = No Sale
  • You Can’t Dig A Hole With A Lacrosse Stick
  • Grumps Need Not Apply
  • Not Every Prospect Is Qualified
  • Objections Are Clues
  • It Doesn’t Matter What YOU Think
  • Sales Is Not Conflict
  • Why Can’t They See It?
  • Nobody Owes You Anything
  • The Red Glow Over The Baffle

(76) Harry Browne 29 – Closing Is Easy

February 7 2012 Listen to the many ways NOT to close a sale!

  • A Powerful, Explosive, Outrageous, Clever Stunt?
  • A Sneaky Way To Demolish The Objection?
  • A Seemingly Innocent But Lethal Technique?
  • A People Pulverizing People Business
  • Prospects Will Close Or Reject Themselves
  • Solution Or Pesterment?
  • Flatter Them Into Submission?
  • Catch Them In A Weak Moment?
  • Embarrass Them Into Buying?
  • Do They Have A Problem They Want To Solve With You?
  • Big Al’s Closing Questions
  • Read the related article No Wonder We Hate Sales!


(77) MLM Comp Plans – The Cross Your Fingers Club

February 25 2012 Listen to six bad beliefs that can put you in the club …

(78) Colors of Personalities – The Spare Time Question

March 3 2012 Listen to Bob and Anna describe a great question for determining a prospect’s personality color.

(79) Harry Browne 30 – I Have To Think It Over

March 13 2012 Listen to the real reasons why your MLM prospects postpone a decision and what you can do about it!

(80) Harry Browne 31 – I’m Still Thinking It Over

April 3 2012 Listen to helpful MLM tips to avoid the ‘think it over’ problem.

  • Four Reasons They Say That
  • From Stranger To Acquaintance To Friend
  • How To Put Doubt In Your Prospect’s Mind
  • Tell Me Yes Or Tell Me No But Tell Me Now I Gotta Go!
  • Fear Leads To Firehosing
  • Feel Felt Found Still Works
  • If They Don’t Have A Problem, You Don’t Have A Solution
  • How To Sell Half A Widget
  • How To Lose Stature By Chasing Vaporeps
  • Timing Is Everything.  Our Timing Is Now.
  • Nobody Owes You Anything
  • Don’t Shoulda All Over Yourself
  • Is There Anything You Don’t Want To Tell Me?

(81) Harry Browne 32 – Frank Bettger’s 13 Secrets To Success In Sales

May 1 2012 Listen to Frank Bettger teach you how to achieve MLM Success in 13 simple steps.

(82) The Five Pillars In A Seven Step Presentation

May 19 2012 Listen to Ken Pontius teach you how to give an effective MLM presentation in seven easy steps.

(83) Harry Browne 33 – What Is A Salesman?

June 5 2012 Listen to Harry Browne remove your fear of MLM sales.

  • The Slight Edge Of Sales
  • Pride Beats Fear
  • Don’t Argue, But Take Control
  • “I’m In A Rush!  Gimme The Stuff!
  • No Rejection When You Do It Right
  • Athletes Or Introverts
  • A Salesman Can’t Earn Too Much Money
  • The MLMer’s Job Description
  • The Paint Chip Questions

(84) What Are You Selling?  Really?  Are You Sure?

September 29 2012  Listen to Bob and Anna clarify the swirly whirly world of MLM.
What are we really selling and how do we get paid?  This is a don’t miss session for all network marketers.

(85) Beware The Box Of Air, The Costly CAB Ride, and The BMW Burden

March 23 2013 Listen to Bob and Anna warn against three common costly mistakes.