LeadershipCourseFranIn our MLM businesses, we’re often faced with the employee mentality in our team members and way too often in ourselves. Successful entrepreneurs have to break away from job thinking – wait until told – and develop interdependent thinking – take the initiative and work with the team to get it done. More importantly, we must find others who think and act interdependently and add them to our team.

Let’s first take a quick look at employee thinking.

In “The 8th Habit” Stephen R. Covey explains that people decide how much of themselves they will give, depending on circumstances and motivation. Here are his Six Levels of Compliance.

  1. Rebellion or Quitting
  2. Malicious Obedience
  3. Willing Compliance
  4. Cheerful Cooperation
  5. Heartfelt Commitment
  6. Creative Excitement

We’ve all reacted in each of the six ways at some point in our lives. Take a minute to think about when and where. Now take another minute to ask yourself what kind of reaction you are promoting in your team and what kind of person you are attracting and recruiting.

The list describes a wide range of people from laggards to leaders. Your time should be spent finding people in the top two categories who will make your life easier. In the early days of your career, you’ll be tempted to sign anyone and everyone but you’ll soon learn to be more discerning. Avoid the bottom three categories where the vampire reps dwell.

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter has a list of the Three Levels of Commitment:

  1. “I’ll try.” The tryers will quit at the first problem and be off to the next prelaunch or startup that looks easier. We call them ‘vaporeps.’
  2. “I’ll do my best.” The best doers will stick with it until they find out that their best may not be good enough. Then they join the tryers and vaporeps.
  3. “I’ll do whatever it takes!” These are your leaders who will make changes when their best is not good enough. They will do the personal development and learn the skills they need to succeed. These are the ones you want to keep around and highlight on the employee recognition apps so people know the examples to look to in the workforce.

Big Al is ever the realist. Here’s what he says about leaders:

If you have one leader on your team, you’ll make good money. If you have two leaders, you’ll be rich. If you have three leaders, you’ve probably miscounted.

If you want to learn how to recognize, attract and train leaders the Big Al way, you’ll want to read his five books, classics in the industry!

BigAlLibrary3If you are serious about building a huge organization with many leaders, check out the Complete Big Al Library (with the five books included free). For leaders of leaders only!

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