Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter is a master at rejection-free network marketing.  Every skill he teaches is designed to locate the volunteers with no pressure on your prospect or on you.

One of our favorite icebreakers is the question,

“What do you like to do in your spare time?”

If you enquire about dreams, goals, ambitions and desires, you’re likely to get what Tom calls “Miss America” answers that involve orphanages in Ecuador, World Peace and Harmony in the Universe.

If you ask what someone likes to do in their spare time or on the weekends, or how they spend their vacations, you’ll find out what they really want to do.  People will tell you they go fishing, or read, or go endurance riding, or volunteer at the church, or spend time with the grandkids, or run marathons, or work on their stamp collection, or …

Asking the spare time question will help you learn what people really want to do.  You will know how to help them attain their dreams as you build a relationship of know, like and trust.

It also lets you follow up with a couple more of our favorite Big Al questions …

“Do you get to do enough of that?” 

“Would you like to do something about it?”

Both are friendly, no pressure questions that show a true interest in your prospects, and are designed to let you know if they are volunteers.  If they reply with a ‘no’ and a ‘yes’, you can follow up with your Big Al One Minute Presentation, and a rejection-free Big Al close.

Below is a shortened conversation from a recent role-play call …

Me:  So, Vivian, what do you like to do when you’re not working at the accountant’s office?
Vivian:  I love to travel and spend time with my grandkids.  Last summer I took them to Disneyland, and three years before that, we took a Caribbean cruise.
Me:  That’s great!  Do you get to do that as much as you’d like?
Vivian:  No way!  I can never get enough time off work, and traveling is getting a lot more expensive.
Me:  Would you like to do something about it?
Vivian:  Sure!  But how?
Me:  I can show you how, but it will take an entire minute.  When could you set aside a full minute?
Vivian:  [laughing] How about right now?
Me:  Great!  First let me ask you, how much extra would you have to make every month so you could go to work only if you wanted to, and could afford to travel more?
Vivian:  About $2000 a month would really help.
Me:  Great!  If you want to make an extra $2000 a month, you have to do these three things.  The first is “Don’t Change.”  Keep recommending and promoting things the way you always have with movies and restaurants and cruise ships.
Vivian:  Sounds okay so far!
Me:  We’re in the feel good business.  You know how most people are taking vitamins, trying to lose weight, and buying skin care products?  Well, we have an online health food store that has excellent daily vitamins that make you feel like you’re 16 all over again but with better judgement, a way to lose weight and keep it off just by eating cookies and drinking shakes, and a skin cream that makes you look 20 years younger in 17 seconds a day!
Vivian:  That sounds good, too.  Most of my family are into nutrition, and most of us need to lose weight.
Me:  So the second thing is to find a product or two that you like and can recommend to others.
Vivian:  No problem with that so far!
Me:  And the third thing is to recommend the products, maybe give out some samples, and take the volunteers.  Then, among all the people you know and are going to meet, and among all the people THEY know and are going to meet, if you work as a team and find 150 to 200 people who want to feel great and get paid for it, you’ll be earning an extra $2000 per month and be able to travel all you want with the kids!
Vivian:  Hmm …
Me:  Most people do network marketing all the time, but just don’t get paid for it.  We can show you how to get paid.
Vivian:  That would be good!
Me:  So that’s about it.  The rest is up to you.  What do you think?

(Our last sentence contained all three of Tom’s closing sentences.  You only need one, but we like the sound when we say them all!)

If Vivian asks you to tell her more, you know she is a volunteer, and you can ask another of our favorite Big Al questions …

“What would you like to know next?”

Then, you can answer her questions, or give her a brochure or a CD or a DVD or a URL, or you can arrange a three way call with your upline or invite her to a meeting – whichever way is most comfortable for you and her.

On the other hand, if she starts talking about the weather or the grandkids’ graduation, you know she is not a volunteer.  The whole process has taken less than two minutes, and there has been no pressure or firehosing.  You have built more of a relationship and the door is still open for when the timing is right for Vivian!

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