avatarBob and Anna Bassett are always willing to help anyone in any company.  They are true mentors with wide knowledge and loving hearts.

Judit Regev, Israel
avatarMy vote goes to the very best and most giving in the industry, Bob and Anna Bassett.  When you have someone like Bob and Anna to mentor you, you will make it "together to the top!"  They don't care if you're crossline, upline, downline or in another company - they will mentor you for free!  And their knowledge about companies and the industry is by far the greatest I've ever seen.

Jacque Payne, Bloomfield NM
avatarI've been with different opportunities over the years and Anna and Bob have had always an ear and good advice for me to decide on my own. True mentors they are!

Andi Fischer, Berlin Germany
avatarBob and Anna Bassett are great leaders and mentors in this industry.  I have personally received so much one on one training with them. They spend a lot of their time really making sure you understand the training and always offer their help. I am thankful for them.

Stefanie Sanspree, Mobile AL
avatarBob and Anna Bassett will bend over backwards for anyone and everyone. The information they share on their team calls is priceless. They represent true professionals in the network marketing industry and are totally awesome leaders. I congratulate them on the well-deserved nomination.

Nora Nagatani, Burke VA
avatarBob and Anna Bassett know how to build a winning team. Unconditional support to people who are willing to make their MLM business thrive. You two are remarkable personalities.

Giovanni Baele, Arcachon, France
avatarThank you both so much for the introduction to The Secret of Selling Anything. Your insights were inspiring. Looking forward to the next instalment.

Mervyn Drury, Canberra Australia
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