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May 9 2008

Hi Everyone!

We’re Bob and Anna Bassett, retired teacher and private investigator.

In our 9 years of network marketing, we worked very hard but achieved only minimal results. That was before we read “Success in 10 Steps”. It’s a FREE ebook written by our good friend and mentor, Michael Dlouhy, after 30 years experience in the industry.


We now have streaming audio and mp3 versions available too. Learn some skills while you’re walking your dog, driving your car, or treading your mill!

If you’ve been a networker for 20 years or 20 minutes, you’ll gain some great insights between the laughs. Learn about the biggest lies you’ve been told, and why it’s not your fault!

Save yourself years of failure and frustration.

You can also receive the free training newsletter and join the free mentoring calls. Learn about your prospects’ personality types – who takes the longest to make a decision and who has the most fun at parties!

Enjoy the dozens of archived training calls online – everything from the nuts and bolts of free advertising to the personal support you need to be successful.

Learn how to relax and talk to people with no hype or pressure. Learn how to evaluate companies and compensation plans and policies and procedures and how to choose the right one for you. Share the training with your whole team – all FREE.

We look forward to helping you any way we can.

Dedicated to your success,
Bob and Anna Bassett



Aug 2 2008

Hi Again Everyone!

In one of our posts we marveled with Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter that in network marketing and MLM, our credentials are not our successes, but our failures!

It makes no sense until you realize that 98% of MLMers are failing because they have not found a good five pillar company.

As Richard Dennis says, “Leverage Your Failures!”

In that spirit of credibility, here are our failures aka credentials …

We’ve made a few mistakes in our MLM career before we knew the red flags to watch for, or even the language used to describe scams!

ExcelVartecWe worked for five years with a communications company with a stairstep breakaway sponsor monster comp plan with commissions so low that we could never have made a decent residual income. ExcelebrationWe watched the top leaders on stage in Armani suits and Rolex watches collect the huge cardboard checks while the rest of us sat in the audience, struggling to make a dime and wondering how we were going to find gas money to get home.

Joining that one cost $500 for which a newbie would receive a leatherette binder and an hour of bad training. The other $450 would end up in the pockets of the sponsor and upline and company. A pure ‘money swap’.

We later found out we were working twenty five times harder than we had to, and we were trying to get people to join us. It was like inviting some one to share our failure!

Over five years, we spent more than $21000 on useless leads from a dozen different companies, and realized that the only ones benefitting were the leads vendors and our upline who promoted the leads.

CEOChimpWe stumbled into a company that looked good at first, but was later shut down in the UK as an illegal pyramid. It was an Aussie Two Up with a CEO who was a Crooked Evil Opportunist!

We made money in the beginning, but later on lost over $64000. When we tried to warn others, we got a great lesson in how gleefully people will kill the messenger.

We joined a decent company that only cost ten dollars per month, but later realized that it only generated $1 per person in our downline limited to five levels. The ‘buck a month club’!

We joined a surfing company for the great returns on our ‘investments’, but soon learned the words “Ponzi Scheme“! Luckily we lost less than a thousand dollars on those, but we have friends who lost over $10000.

We put our faith (and money) in a mentorship program offered by an internet marketing company that promised to explode our income within six months. What they did teach us was how to spend $10000 to earn $21 split three ways.

We learned how to read the contract instead of listening to the hype. We also learned how little most companies care about your welfare.

Through all this, we never lost faith in network marketing, and decided we had to stop repeating or finding new mistakes to make.

Reading Success in Ten Steps by Michael Dlouhy and listening to Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter turned us around and got us on the right path.

Now we recommend it to anyone who will listen and anyone who is willing to learn.

Success in Ten Steps Paperback Front~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There are two types of people in the world – those who will take the time to read Success in Ten Steps to get educated, and those who will refuse the offer in favor of continuing on their path of failure and frustration.

Which type are you?

We look forward to helping you any way we can.

Bob and Anna Bassett
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April 2011

Bob and Anna are proud and honored to have been chosen by Ted Nuytens of Business For Home as two of the Top MLM Mentors in the World!


October 2012

Bob and Anna have been chosen by Lou Abbott to be guest editors on his blog MLM-TheWholeTruth!


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